Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s Wildest YouTube Videos Will Spark Joy

Tiger King

There’s so much outrageous material in Netflix’ breakout docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, it’s hard to pinpoint a favourite moment.

And given that it’s a documentary, being 100% real makes for some pretty interesting viewing.

But if drug lords, polyamorous weddings, cults, money, magic and of course the tigers don’t pique your interest, the star of the series — Joseph Maldonado-Passage a.k.a Joe Exotic is sure to be the biggest drawing card.

Hailed as “the most disturbing documentary ever” — the series follows the outlandish, wild and downright bizarre story of the owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma and his relationship with his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist.

And while the main character’s story has to be seen to be believed, there’s one area that is touched on in the series that adds some much needed comic relief to the debauchery and that’s Exotic’s eclectic group of videos.

Exotic’s YouTube channel JoeExoticTB was filled to the brim with clips of the zoo owner and were regularly filmed by former Inside Edition reporter, Rick Kirkham, with the intent to build a reality TV show.

And within that, his “music videos”.

Firstly, it must be noted (and much to the devastation of the world), that the songs presented by Exotic are not actually his. In fact, they were written and performed by US musicians Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton.

In an interview with Slate, Johnson revealed that the pair had answered an ad looking for someone to write a theme song for the zoo for a reality TV show.

“He seemed like a dandy,” Johnson said, before recalling that it wasn’t until months later, they realised Exotic was taking full credit for the songs they gave him.

Throughout the series, audiences catch a glimpse of some of the music videos which are not only mesmerising but so cringe-inducing that it’s hard not to look away — making them the perfect trainwreck.

Here are FIVE of the best (and worst) Joe Exotic video clips for your viewing pleasure.

Joe’s Exotic Sizzle

This is the first sizzle reel attempt at a reality show and was released on Exotic’s YouTube channel on January 9, 2020.


Here Kitty Kitty

We got to catch a glimpse of this one during the series and Exotic’s murder ballad is a must-see in full, especially as it is a portrayal of how he thinks Carole Baskin disposed of the remains of her husband’s body. Outrageous.

Shaq Attack: Tigers

NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal visited the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park and makes a guest appearance on JoeExoticTB, arguably the actual most famous person on his channel at the time.


Today at the Park G.W. Zoo (Fraternity, Tits and Alligators)

You may recall this particular moment in the news when a teenager had an alligator bite his nipple. Well, this ridiculous moment was actually all because of Exotic and as he says: “Only on JoeExoticTV will you see something like this. Crazy fans? You ain’t seen crazy yet!”

Tiger Cub Condoms — JoeExotic Tv Short

Exotic was also known for his range of products including nuts and candy, and skincare, however, it was the TigerCub condoms which were the size of, well, tiger cub genitalia.

Of course, this was a little bit of a joke (thank god) and went on to promote Tiger King Male Power, a male enhancement product to “stroke yours tiger style”. Oh, Joe.

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