It’s Hard Not to Panic, But We’re Wearing Heeled Thongs Again

Every summer, it seems like we always turn back to the same classics. No matter how drastically trends shift over the course of 365 days, when it’s time to hit the beach, the classic thongs, swimmers and sundress styles seem to prevail. 

Admittedly, some of the summertime favourites aren’t exactly the most high-fashion pieces out there. Though it’s slowly becoming more “cool” to go out in public wearing bucket hats and rubber thongs, it’s not too long ago that that in-the-know would have balked at pieces like these. However — and thank God for it —  fashion seems to be turning towards a more wearable style lately. 

But what’s made a surprising return? The heeled thong. The same style you wore in the late 90s, early 00s. And they’re surprisingly chicer than we remember, and a new way to achieve a minimalist look without feeling like you’re, well, wearing thongs. 

Wear them with jeans and a tank top for a daytime look, or pair them with a little black dress for your next night out. 

To see some of the best options on the market right now, keep scrolling. We’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favourites so that you don’t have to.

Wittner, Dex Block Heel Thong Sandals ($95)

The chunky heel will keep you comfortable despite the added height. 

Cult Gaia, Jasmin Circle Heel Thong Sandals ($368) 

The spherical heel adds a high-fashion look to this pair. We think they’d look equally great with a white swimsuit or jeans and tee shirt.

Gucci, Leather Thong Sandal ($935)

Leave it to Gucci to make thongs look “fashion.” 

Gianvito Rossi, Thong 70 Leather Sandals ($865)

The nude colour of this pair of thong heels will blend into your skin, instantly elongating your legs. What more could you want?

Simon Miller, White Beep 45 Thong Sandals ($636)

With a curved kitten heel, these thongs give off a  retro, fun vibe. There’s no doubt these will become a summer staple in your closet for years to come.  

Schutz, Thong Mule Sandals ($202)

These sunny sandals will add a pop of colour to any outfit. 

ASOS Design, Timeless Leather Thong Sandals in Black ($50)

If you want to try this trend without committing a few hundred bucks, this pair by ASOS Design might be your best bet. In a classic black colour, and at an affordable price point, the cost per wear with these shoes will be minimal.

Balenciaga, Double Square Print Thong Sandals ($750)

Balenciaga one-upped the trend by adding another summer trend into the mix. With floral prints and a square-shaped silhouette, these are the high-fashion thongs of your dreams.