The UNDONE’s Sara Crampton Says Fashion Is About to Get a Big Overhaul

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Sara Crampton, creator of minimalist fashion and beauty blog, Harper and Harley, founded The UNDONE in 2016.

Tired of scrolling endlessly in an effort to build a “less is more” wardrobe of high-quality basics and fashion-forward staples, she created the online shopping destination for like-minded women who craved exactly what she too wanted.

Now, The UNDONE operates as a luxury shopping platform for those after premium essentials, elevated basics and succinct trend pieces, all of which are curated to work seamlessly together to form one cohesive wardrobe.

“We started The UNDONE to help women get dressed in the morning, by sharing a style philosophy that works to boost confidence, create a sense of calm and a feeling of control,” Crampton tells TheLatch—.

“When working with a wardrobe of black, white and neutrals, everything in your wardrobe works back with each other and you don’t feel lost or overwhelmed by the act of getting dressed. I love sharing this with our customers and hearing how it has helped women around the world and building that community of like-minded women.”

For four years her business saw continued successful growth, and then the coronavirus hit to shake up her way of operation, much like it has done for just about every other industry.

We spoke with Crampton to find out more about how her business is adapting in the current climate, and to find out how we can show our support in this time.

TheLatch— Sara, we’re such big fans of The UNDONE’s ethos. Having a wardrobe that works makes getting ready so much easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Tell us, how has your business been affected by COVID-19?

Sara Crampton: As soon as the travel bans and restrictions started to be announced, we saw an instant impact on the number of online sales. As a small business owner, you feel every one of those forced closures, knowing just what those other business owners must be going through.

The heartache is very heavy. Every industry and every employee is affected by this virus — if you don’t know of a direct friend or a friend’s family member being made redundant or let go during this time, you’re a minority.

TL: It’s been so heartbreaking to see both businesses we love and our friends feel the impact. What does it mean for you now?

SC: We’re so incredibly grateful to be able to continue trading at the present time. As we operate online, we have a very streamlined team who can dispatch with lots of social distancing. The uncertainty of what’s ahead is what’s weighing over us, as we could be forced to stop trading at any moment if Sydney goes into a complete lockdown.

Our brands either can’t get their stock into the country or they’re moving the delivery timelines back later in the year for stock that was meant to arrive in the coming months, as at this point no one is confident that anyone will want to buy them.

“We’ll continue to take each day as it comes, really focus on what our customer wants from us and how we can help her through this time.”

TL: Have you put any immediate plans in place to pivot your business?

SC: We’re fortunate that we predominantly focus on a woman’s everyday essential wardrobe items that you can wear at home and feel your best in — not just items to wear going out. So for us, it’s about communicating this to our customer and reminding her of our ethos as it’s always been.

If she’s looking for something new as the weather changes, we’re a great place to source something that she can wear over and over again and styled in multiple ways. We’re also trying to communicate more than just the products we sell. We’re a community of like-minded people, who appreciate and resonate with a particular aesthetic.

TL: In a time when we don’t know when we’ll be going out again, it makes sense to purchase the basics. Tell us, how can people support your business in the short term?le

SC: If you’re not in the position to purchase, telling your friends, family and community about us is the next best thing. We have a wonderful repeat customer base and beautiful products, and I’m very proud of the customer service we provide. I know that once you shop with us, it’s likely it won’t be your last time.

TL: Will the current health pandemic change the way you operate your business in the long term?

SC: I think the whole fashion industry is about to get a big overhaul. For far too long it’s been too fast-paced with too much production, too much consumption and too much waste.

We’ll continue to take each day as it comes, really focus on what our customer wants from us and how we can help her through this time.

Show your support for The UNDONE and shop the range of beautiful, designer staples now. 

The current health crisis is evolving rapidly. If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

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