From the Mind Behind ‘The Dry’ — ‘The Survivors’ Is Coming to Netflix

Details about Netflix's The Survivors

Are you hungry for a mystery? Are you hankering for an Aussie whodunit? If you are, it’s time to get your magnifying glass and notepad at the ready, because Netflix is turning Jane Harper’s novel The Survivors into a drama series. 

When it comes to Australian murder mysteries, no one writes quite like Harper. In 2016, she released The Dry, a smash hit novel in which Aaron Falk investigates the unsolved death of a girl in regional Victorian. This novel was adapted into a critically acclaimed film of the same name, which was directed by Robert Connolly and starred Eric Bana. 

Beyond The Dry, Harper has written Force of Nature, The Lost Man, and Exiles. The Survivors is the fourth book she released, debuting in 2020.

If you want to know why The Survivors is going to be a special series, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the details we know about the Netflix adaptation of The Survivors.

The Plot of The Survivors

The Survivors is a standalone mystery set on the Tasmanian coast. It follows the story of a sports physiotherapist named Kieran Elliott, a man who is haunted by numerous mistakes that he refuses to name. However, Elliott’s secrets threaten to become public when a body is discovered on the local beach. Will Elliott’s past be revealed? Or will it be washed away by the sea?

Who Is Directing Netflix’s The Survivors?

The Survivors is being directed by Cherie Nowlan and Ben C Lucas. Nowlan is best known for directing the thriller series Clickbait and the mystery La Brea. Meanwhile, Ben C Lucas has experience working on crime shows, directing episodes of both My Life Is Murder and After the Verdict.

Who Is Writing Netflix’s The Survivors?

Jane Harper isn’t writing the Netflix adaptation of The Survivors. This honour is instead going to Tony Ayres, who is also this production’s showrunner and executive producer. Like Cherie Nowlan, Ayres worked on Clickbait, writing five episodes. He has also directed two episodes of The Slap.

Where Is Netflix’s The Survivors Being Filmed?

On February 15, The Survivors began filming in Hobart, Tasmania. According to Netflix, this is the largest production to ever be filmed within this state.

Naturally, this news has pleased many Tasmanians. One person who’s particularly impressed is Madeleine Ogilvie, the Tasmanian Minister for the Arts.

“The Tasmanian Government is thrilled to welcome Netflix,” Ogilvie said.

“This proves that the ongoing support of the Screen industry is reaping the benefits as the state is able to host larger, more complex productions. The economic impact of screen production is well established with impacts to construction, hospitality, catering, and transport – even beyond the work for the cast and crew.”

After The Survivors films in Tasmania, it will film some additional scenes in Melbourne, Victoria.

Release Date of Netflix’s The Survivors

As it stands, The Survivors doesn’t have a release date. But have your Netflix account at the ready, we’ll let you know when this information drops.

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