Learn Every Detail About ‘The Summit’, Channel 9’s Buckwild New Series

In 2023, if a guy asks you over to enjoy The Summit, it’s probably not a sex thing. He’s probably talking about a 2023 series called The Summit, which details the adventure of some folks from Australia. 

However, if he does call having sex “summiting,” run.

The Summit follows 14 strangers with the joint goal of climbing in the alps of New Zealand in 14 days. If they get there in time, they divide $1,000,000 amongst them equally. However, if someone quits, a slice of this mill disappears.

Here are all the other details you need to know about 2023’s The Summit as it takes over Australia.

Who Hosts The Summit?

The host of The Summit is Australia’s very own Jai Courtney. Yup, this dude grew up in the north-west region of Sydney, where he developed an interest in performing. Since growing up, Courtney’s been in the likes of Jigsaw, Terminator Genisys, and the Divergent franchise.

Now, it’s worth noting that Courtney’s really hyped for this series. This is because he enjoys ~ the drama ~ that its premise has created.

“When you’re tested physically, it puts an extra strain on your cognitive function,” said Courtney. “It really gives some colour to these episodes. We start to see some people lose it, allegiances being tested, and obstacles being thrown in everyone’s way.”

Who Are The Summit Contestants?

The Summit basically stars a tonne of contestants who are from different walks of life. For instance, this series stars both Alex Silvagni, a former AFL player, and Stephen Butler, a legit sock designer.

If you want to shift through the whole cast list, follow our link here:

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The Summit Trailer

The Summit Start Date

The Summit’s start date was Sunday, May 14, at 7.00pm. On May 15 and 16, The Summit began at 7.30pm.

What’s more, since then, The Summit plays at 7.00pm each Sunday. New episodes are also released on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

Where to Watch The Summit

The Summit will be available to be stress over on Channel 9. However, if you miss a few episodes, you can catch up using 9Now.

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