The Queen Has Turned Sandringham Estate into a Drive-in Movie Theatre


You are cordially invited to Sandringham Estate to watch a movie with the Queen. Well, sort of.

In most British news, Queen Elizabeth will be hosting a drive-in movie theatre from September 25 at her country estate.

According to the official website, over the course of the year, Sandringham plays host to an “array of exciting, fun and educational events”.

For the drive-in, however, an exciting line-up of films will be played including 1917RocketmanToy StoryThe Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody, MoanaGrease, and A Star Is Born.

The royal family is known for their environmental consciousness, and have asked that as soon as it is possible to do so, that patrons turn off their engines. Every ticket sold, will also see $1 GBP ($1.82 AUD) donated to Woodland Trust and Rainforest Alliance.

For patrons in attendance, there will be a pop-up bar with a large selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Sandringham Estate is open to visitors for a large portion of the year with other events taking place.

In the month of September, visitors can have exclusive access to the gardens and meet Her Majesty’s very own head gardener.

“Set in the historic Walled Gardens you will learn from the Sandringham Head Gardener some simple plant propagation techniques and be given advice on how to collect seed and cutting material before turning them into growing plants,” the official site reads.

“Enjoy a wander through the 60 acres Sandringham Gardens heading to the Walled Garden where you will meet the Head Gardener for the Potting Shed workshop and maybe even take home some potential new plants!”

From November to December, patrons can also experience Luminate Light Trail, which is an “enchanting journey” through the Country Park.

“Immerse yourself in a mesmerising mile-long trail, with interactive stunning lighting elements and fabulous light play, all set to ambient music.”

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, Australians cannot participate in any of the events in 2020. However, as the Queen opens her estate annually, it looks like we will be able to attend in years to come.

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