Every Question I Had Watching Kristen Bell’s ‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’

Ben Platt and Kristen Bell in The People We Hate at the Wedding.

Kristen Bell is great, and everything she’s in automatically becomes great thanks to her. That’s no exception for her latest movie The People We Hate at the Wedding, which is now streaming on Prime Video and would be great regardless but is even better with her in the lead role.

The movie follows her character Alice as she flies to London to attend the wedding of her estranged half-sister Eloise (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson). Alice’s brother, and Eloise’s half-brother Paul (Ben Platt) and their mum Donna (Allison Janney) also fly out, even though Alice and Paul try their hardest to avoid the family reunion. Over the course of the wedding week, the family’s many secrets and conflicts are yanked out of the closet, forcing them to face their problems — and each other — for the first time in years.

Although there’s never any doubt that it’ll all work out in the end, their family drama is messy as hell and had me asking lots of questions like “Why don’t they like each other?” and “Wait, why isn’t Kristen Bell into the hot guy she met on the plane?!” Because The People We Hate at the Wedding comes out on November 18, this article will be limited to the questions I asked during the first half of the movie. The second half is sweet without being saccharine, and literally the perfect amount of cheesy. It’s also the rare rom-com that understands loving yourself and your friends is just as important as finding a romantic partner, a combination that makes it perfect for your next movie night with friends, housemates, family or a date.

Every Question I Had Watching The People We Hate at the Wedding

Why don’t Alice and Paul like Eloise?

Alice and Paul bitch about Eloise when they receive their wedding invitations but it’s not actually clear why they don’t like her. We’ve already watched a scene from when they were kids and they obviously adored each other then. I know a lot can change in 20-odd years but their disdain for her seems extreme.

Does Eloise live on the street from Paddington?

Eloise grew up in London with her dad, Donna’s first husband Henrique (Isaach De Bankolé), and her apartment looks uncannily similar to the one in Paddington and Paddington 2, so I guess my question is: “Are Eloise and Paddington bear neighbours, or is this just a typical street in North London?”

Why is Paul avoiding his mum?

Donna’s been calling and texting Paul non-stop but he refuses to reply. She mentions that it’s been going on ever since her second husband (Alice and Paul’s dad) died but doesn’t know why.

What’s going on with Alice and her boss?

Alice is sleeping with her married boss, but it gets weirder. Jonathan (Jorma Taccone) basically invites himself to the wedding and makes Alice drive him home after their date while he sits in the back seat, making it look like he’s getting an Uber home from work drinks. Jonathan tells Alice he wants a divorce but something about this guy makes me not trust him.

Why isn’t D’Arcy Carden in more scenes?

When D’Arcy Carden appears at Alice’s office (she’s there to water the plants, is that her character’s entire job?) I literally screamed. Apparently, I still haven’t gotten over my last Prime Video obsession, A League of Their Own, with her and Abbi Jacobson.

Does Paul’s boyfriend Dominic want a threesome?

Dominic (Karan Soni) keeps making jokes about it, even though it clearly makes Paul uncomfortable, and then he cancels their hotel reservation to stay with his old PhD professor, who just happens to be a very rich, attractive and gay older man.

Why isn’t Dustin Milligan cast as the romantic lead more often?

Even though Alice is very mean to the hot stranger she sits next to on the plane, he is very nice to her. I simply can’t believe she isn’t charmed by Dennis’ goofy smile and puppy dog energy.

Dennis and Alice watch Paddington together on the plane. Is this a clever nod to the fact that Eloise lives on the same street as Paddington?

Much to think about.

Who else thinks it’s very cute how excited Eloise is to see Alice and Paul?

Despite Alice and Paul’s frosty feelings towards their sister, Eloise is too literally too excited to sleep on the morning of their reunion. I do feel a bit sad for her, knowing her excitement is one-sided, but it’s quite cute to see her tell her fiancé Ollie (John MacMillan) about the time they all “threw up in the booth at Taco Bell.”

Have Donna and Henrique been in love all this time?

Henrique picks Donna up from the airport and she immediately kisses him because she “ate a lot of marijuana” on the plane for her nerves. They seem very happy to see each other, and do I detect some light flirting? There’s the slight issue of Henrique dating 22-year-olds, but

Is Dennis convinced when Alice tells him Jonathan is her pet rabbit?

Alice bails on Dennis to see Jonathan (who missed their flight, surprise surprise) and hastily tries to cover it up by saying that Jonathan is the name of her rabbit. Dennis seems to choose to believe her, but he’s not totally convinced.

Alice and Dennis are going to end up together, right? Right?!

She absolutely should dump her married boyfriend who refuses to commit to her and ask Dennis out instead. He’s sweet, and funny, and hot, and actually wants to be seen in public with her. The bar is so low, but Dennis soars above it and Kristen Bell deserves that.

The People We Hate at the Wedding is now streaming on Prime Video. Start your free 30-day Prime Video trial today.

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