There’s Going to be a Reunion for ‘The Parent Trap’ Featuring Lindsay Lohan

Parent Trap

The original cast of the 1998 film The Parent Trap is coming together for a very special reunion interview — 22 years later.

In a “brilliant, beyond brilliant” Instagram post by director Nancy Meyers, Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid and the rest of the gang are appearing via entertainment journalist Katie Couric’s socials for a special get-together.

“Sorry for the mini delay but the secret’s out! @katiecouric and I got the Parent Trap cast back together for the first time since we made our movie. We had a blast. You can see us all tomorrow July 20 at 9 AM on @katiecouric’s Instagram,” Meyers wrote, accompanying a fun video featuring the cast.

Lohan, who was 11 at the time, played the roles of Annie and Hallie who were separated at birth after their parent’s divorce.

They coincidentally meet at a summer camp, discover their connection and plot to switch places with each other when they go back home.

Their father Nick Parker was played by Quaid, who in the film was set to marry fiancé Meredith Blake, played by Elaine Hendrix.

“There’s a whole generation who thinks Meredith is, like, hashtag goals,” she said during the teaser.

Natasha Richardson, who starred as Elizabeth James, the twins’ mother, tragically died in 2009 after a skiing accident. Nthing has been mentioned of if or how she will be honoured during the reunion.

The Parent Trap was a remake of a 1961 film starring Hayley Mills — with both films becoming cult classics. The reboot featured cameos and special nods to the original film including the appearance of Joanna Barnes, who played the original wicked girlfriend, Vicky Robinson in the 1960s version.

She returned to play Meredith’s mother in the 1998 remake.

The song Let’s Get Together, which was made famous by Mills in the first film, also featured in the reboot. As Hallie meets Meredith outside of an elevator in the Stafford Hotel, she is singing the song.

The day before the news was announced, Meyers posted a photograph of her and Lohan onset of The Parent Trap, announcing that she could “finally” share some news with fans. Unfortunately, it was “still not a sequel”.

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