‘The Office’ Cookbook Contains 30 Recipes from the Show Including Kevin’s Chili


Binge-watching The Office has become something of a sport for so many in isolation, though true fans of the show never actually stopped watching it. Whether you’re on your third re-watch or your 30th, it could be time to spice things up. Our suggestion? With a bowl of Kevin’s chili.

The Dunder Mifflin Recipe Book, by Susan Grey, contains 30 recipes inspired by the long-running sitcom and its characters.

From Kevin’s famous chili and Angela’s brownies, to Jan’s Osso Bucco (which takes painstakingly long to make) and Michael’s potato salad, the recipe book will help you keep the magic of The Office alive and is the perfect accompaniment to your next binge-watching session.

Should you wish, you could even plan to whip up a meal to correspond with a specific episode, for example, by making the carb-loaded fettuccini Alfredo Micheal scoffs before embarking upon the ‘Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure’.

Or perhaps the 18-topping pretzel from Pretzel Day? Just throwing some ideas out there.

While the cookbook has seen some positive reviews online from fans of the show, true fans have called out some inconsistencies in the recipe development.

In a review left about her purchase, one buyer from the US noted some incorrect preparatory points of Kevin’s chili. “There were key aspects mentioned in The Office that should’ve been in the recipes. Kevin’s chili, he says he roasts the ancho chillies and the key is to undercook the onions. There is no mention ancho chillies and no undercooked onion.”

Cookbooks themed after popular sitcoms appear to be something of a trend right now. Back in May, an official Friends cookbook was announced for release in September, containing over 90 recipes from the iconic series including Rachel’s meat trifle, Ross’ ‘moist-maker’ sandwich, and Joey’s meatball sub.

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