How Characters from The Office Would Set Up Their WFH Offices


In the COVID-19 pandemic, Dunder Mifflin offices would no doubt be closed, with the staff from The Office all WFH, just like many who have the ability to operate a business online have done or are currently doing.

Jim and Pam would surely be loving the extra time spent with their family, Angela is thrilled not to have to leave her cats at home, and Kevin is pumped that he can now eat chilli for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Michael, on the other hand, would not be at all coping without the ability to rally everyone in the conference room in five minutes. It’s possible he’d be trying to assemble his staff via Zoom (Stanley definitely didn’t reply to his invite), but it’s more likely he’d be watching YouTube videos in his home office.

To remove the guesswork for what that space looks like, virtual interior design firm Modsy imagined and designed the home office of Michael Scott, along with that of Jim and Pam Halpert, Dwight Schrute and Kelly Kapoor. Here, we take a look at the shoppable looks.

Michael Scott’s home office

Modsy describes Michael’s office as “transitional with quirky touches”. Approachable and casual (just like the boss he wanted to be seen as), Michael’s home office combines work and play with a functional desk and cabinetry, only with personal touches and sentimental memorabilia in spades.

Fans will notice the Pam Beesley original of the business park atop the shelf, Michael’s five Dunder Mifflin awards, some magic cards and of course, his World’s Best Boss mug.

Love Michael’s style? You can shop his home office here. Modsy

Jim and Pam’s home office

Joined at the hip, Jim and Pam would work side-by-side in their bright and airy home office. It would appear as if Jim still works in sports marketing in this imagined space if the sports momentos are anything to go by.

Pam, meanwhile, has surrounded herself with family portraits and her own art — an easel sits in the corner for inspired moments. And while we’ll never know what was said in the teapot letter, we know it has a treasured space in this home office. You can shop Jim and Pam’s home office here.

Jim and Pam’s home office. Modsy

Dwight’s home office

Dwight’s home office would lie within the main home of the Schrute Farms estate. As such, the space is carried by a rustic theme throughout and makes the most of organic textures like dark wood, natural stone and woven fibres.

Of the layout, Modsy says: “He loved the simple things, like a rocking chair, but he would want to resume a position of power, especially in his own home. That’s why his desk would face out, where the stone fireplace would be behind him, a tiger rug beneath him, and he could look out onto his “kingdom” aka his beet farm.”

Like Michael, Dwight would also display his Dundies with pride, though fans will also spot his signature trench coat, bobblehead doll, and a painted portrait of him and Mose. Spot the jello-encased stapler on his desk? No doubt a delivery from Jim.

Only Dwight Schrute would feel the need for a nameplate in his own home. Modsy

Kelly’s home office

While she’s missing the opportunity to gossip with her co-workers, Kelly is thriving in a working from home environment. Her home office is decked out in designer furniture and she certainly looks the part of someone who’s working hard (or hardly working).

The Zara bags would indicate she’s been busy online shopping in her coffee breaks, while the Business Bitch artwork behind her desk shows she’s serious about her career progression. In fact, Modsy believes she would be working at a fashion tech company in 2020 and running their influencer program.

Shop Kelly’s chic home office on Modsy. Modsy

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