Mystery Surrounds Bad Avocado on ‘The Masked Singer’ — Who Could It Be?

bad avocado the masked singer

As The Masked Singer continues to captivate audiences with its enigmatic characters, one particular mystery celebrity has piqued curiosity like never before. Bad Avocado, with its intriguing name and billion-stream reference, has left fans speculating wildly.

Let’s dive into the clues and guesses surrounding this captivating character.

Who Is Bad Avocado on The Masked Singer?

The enigma surrounding Bad Avocado begins with the cryptic clue that they are a “billion stream powerhouse”, a statement that opens up a world of possibilities. Could this mystery celebrity be a musician with a billion streams to their name? Do they star in a smash-hit TV show exclusive to a streaming platform? Perhaps they host a widely popular podcast or have a significant presence on YouTube? The guessing game is afoot.

In their introductory package, Bad Avocado shared some intriguing insights:

“I’m a Bad Avocado, so what? People treat me like they know me, that’s enough to brown off anyone! Y’know, most Avocados grew up with a lot of warmth and heat, I was a bit green when I came to attention. You’d think that would make me highly strung, but I know when to call it quits and just let it slide. Would you like a slice? Just look at it through my eyes, there’s a lot to unpack in someone’s life, so quit the judgment, okay? They reckon that time heals, we’ll see about that!”

Bad Avocado Guesses

Bad Avocado has managed to keep everyone guessing, as their voice doesn’t necessarily point to a professional singer. This wide-open field of possibilities has led to a variety of guesses. One notable suggestion came from Dave Hughes, who proposed tennis champion Ash Barty as a potential identity. The clue “highly strung” in the introduction could be a clever reference to the strings on a tennis racket.

Another intriguing guess that emerged was Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh, who coincidentally resides in Australia, adding a layer of mystery to the puzzle.

As the speculations continue to swirl, Bad Avocado remains one of the most captivating enigmas on this season of The Masked Singer. Fans eagerly await the moment when this billion-stream mystery will be unveiled.

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