Netflix Release Its Highly Anticipated Chicago Bulls Documentary

Michael Jordan

Netflix has finally given sports fans something to cheer about after releasing the first two episodes of their highly-anticipated basketball documentary, The Last Dance.

The ten-part series follows the Chicago Bulls (led by Michael Jordan) as they try to claim their sixth championship ring, during a turbulent 1997/8 season.

After five years at the top, senior management saw the ageing Bulls roster as an opportunity to rebuild. Ongoing trade rumours caused tensions to flare, sending the organisation into turmoil. The hostile environment threatened Jordan’s winning attitude and the team’s shot at another championship.

While most have already seen and heard countless stories, documenting the record-breaking success of this team, The Last Dance offers a far more fascinating insight. It explores the inevitable conflict associated with having the best athletes and biggest personalities share the same court.

While the 97/98 season forms the basis for the documentary, the narrative jumps back in time, providing context to the team’s history and the individuals within it. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson share their junior years, giving audiences unparalleled access to the men at the centre of the saga. The backstories justify their personalities and subsequent friction — Jordan’s fierce competitiveness, Pippen’s financial jealousy and Jackson’s strong-mindedness.

Basketball fans would’ve seen a lot of the archival footage but there is some new behind the scenes content. It doesn’t offer a lot of useful information, but diehards will love seeing it none the less.

For anyone who missed the 90’s era Bulls, all that’s left are perfect, fairy-tale highlight reels.

The Last Dance provides a look at the underbelly of arguably the greatest basketball dynasty ever assembled. For fans lucky enough to have lived through the era as it happened, this documentary is a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until April 27 for the next two episodes to be released.

The Last Dance is now streaming on Netflix.

WATCH: The Official Trailer of The Last Dance. 

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