Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s ‘The Glory’

The Glory Netflix

Warning: This article deals with the topics of violence and bullying and may be triggering for some readers.

Korean drama The Glory has made an undeniable mark on Netflix, currently re-entering the global top 10 titles once again after the second half of the series was recently released.

Part one of The Glory was released in December last year, with part two hitting screens on March 10. During the March 13-19 viewing window, the show earned a whopping 123.59 million hours viewed.

The impressive stats placed The Glory above other popular releases like Season 4 of You and the MH370 docuseries The Plane That Disappeared.

So what is the series and why is it so insanely popular? We’ve got the rundown for you.

What is ‘The Glory’ about?

The series follows a woman, Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) who has enacted a vengeful and elaborate revenge plan after suffering horrific high school bullying.

Part one of the series showcases the torment Dong-Eun suffered both physically and psychologically. The character grew up in a poor family and his main bully, Park Yeon-Jin (Lim Ji-yeon), grew up privileged and became a popular weather presenter after burning our main character with a hair-curler and scratching him with pins.

Upon trying to report the abuse, Dong-Eun is physically abused by a homeroom teacher, and suffers from PTSD, later dropping out of school and giving up on her dream to become an architect.

The Glory Netflix

The Real Stories Behind ‘The Glory’

As reported by Lifestyle Asia, the story hits close to home — in 2006 there was a real-life incident in a South Korean girls’ school where three students bullied their classmate, hitting her with a baseball bat, burning her with a curling wand, and scratching her chest. The abuse eventually led to a six-week hospitalisation.

The release of The Glory has sparked conversation around school bullying in South Korea with screenwriter Kim Eun-sook researching the systemic school violence that has plagued Korean students for years.

In 2004, a law was passed in Korea called The Special Act on School Violence Prevention, after several teenagers died by suicide after they were bullied. The Korean Times recently reported that despite steps for prevention, bullying within the school system is still a major problem.

‘The Glory’, Part Two

Part two of the series follows Dong-eun’s meticulous revenge plan as it comes to fruition. It also follows Park Yeon-Jin’s own plans to try to stop Dong-Eun, even after Dong-Eun offers her a chance to save herself.

The result is a tense, edge-of-your-seat conclusion, as a violent game plays out between the two enemies.

Will There Be Another Season of ‘The Glory’?

With 16 episodes wrapping up the storyline in two parts, fans aren’t holding out for another season even if the finale was ambiguous enough. But, never say never!

You can stream all of The Glory on Netflix now.

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