14 Predictions About Wes Anderson’s New Movie, Based on the Poster

Bill Murray

Wes Anderson fans, The French Dispatch trailer poster is here and we have a lot of thoughts.

Though the finer details of the film are yet to be made public by the trailer and, for that matter, Anderson himself, a number of anticipatory articles are starting to hint at what’s to come in the near future. 

The movie poster (scroll down) that’s begun circulating is reminiscent of a cover of The New York Times — the publication that’s been said to serve as Anderson’s inspiration for the film. Just like a cover of the world-famous mag, the movie poster is at once whimsical and evocative, telling a story in its own right. 

To kill time before the trailer comes out, we’ve begun making predictions about what the film has in store, based on the poster. Our guess is as good as anyone’s at this point, so keep reading to discover what we think the movie might involve.

  1. The movie will be funny, stoic, and somehow speak to a universal truth— as Anderson’s films are famous for.
  2. Anyone who watches the movie will find their passion for Tilda Swinton suddenly re-ignited.
  3. There will be some kind of Parisian-ish organised crime syndicate involved in the plotline,  one way or another. Perhaps there will be mobsters or alternatively, crooked lawyers?
  4. Lyna Khoudri is about to become the next Sairose Ronan, who starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  5. All the characters’ lives will seem disparate at first, but as the story unfolds, it all comes together in the end
  6. A lot more people will be involved in the central scandal than you might at first expect. Maybe Chalamet will be a not-so-innocent observer.
  7. We’re guessing that there will be a glimmering romance between Chalamet and Khoudri’s characters.
  8. Writers, France, Wes Anderson… we’re expecting to see some great costumes.
  9. As Anderson is so famous for, we’re sure that the setting of his fictional city Ennui-sur-Blasé will seem like a character in its own right.
  10. Speaking of the hilarious fictionalised name Anderson has dubbed the setting for this film, we’re expecting his signature tongue-in-cheek humour to shine through.
  11. We expect to see some parallels between the “dispatch” of the news and the “dispatch” police going out to fight crime.
  12. Our guess is that the movie will highlight the best (and worst) of working in journalism.
  13. As The New Yorker has speculated, we think that this story will be semi-biographical based on the aforementioned publication.
  14. With production costs ringing in at $25 million USD, we’re sure that this movie will live up to its predecessors in Anderson’s canon. 
The French Dispatch
Movie poster for The French Dispatch. Searchlight Films.