It’s Only Just Been Released, But ‘The Duchess’ Is Already on Track for a Second Season

The Duchess

Katherine Ryan’s new comedy series The Duchess only just debuted on Netflix, but it’s already on track for a second season.

While there’s no confirmation as yet, star and comedian Ryan has already planned what’s next for her hilarious character, aptly named Katherine — which is based on her own experiences as a single mother in London.

In a press interview to multiple outlets including Digital Spy, Ryan said that she had “lots of narrative ideas for the story in the future.”

“There are many avenues that it can go down,” she said. “I’m writing the second series, anticipating that hopefully, I will get to do a second series. But I still have so much to say. And, of course, dealing with a child, they enter new phases of their life so quickly, and parents have to adapt to that.

“So I think there’s lots more story to tell. But it depends on whether or not people watch it.”

When writing the first season, Ryan wasn’t always sure of how she would end it and “wrestled” with the ending for a while.

“I had three different endings. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go,” she said. “The ending is always the hardest part, I think, and I left a very satisfying ending for me. But I think a lot of people will have wished for a different ending – maybe a fairy-tale ending. But they’re not going to get it!”

The Duchess has already been a popular addition to the streaming service and for Canadian comedian Ryan, it was a sitcom that “celebrated these funny shapes of families”.

A single mother for a decade, she used the experience to shape the show as well as her standup special Glitter Room.

In an interview with the New York Times, she spoke about raising her daughter Violet and how there is a “shame” attached to single motherdom.

“There’s so many of us, and still there’s this cloud of shame,” she told the outlet.

The Duchess centres around Katherine, a single mum juggling her career, her tween daughter Olive (Katy Byrne) her relationship with her boyfriend (Australian actor Steen Raskopoulos) — and pondering getting pregnant with her ex, Shep (Rory Keenan).

The Duchess is now available to stream on Netflix.