‘The Crown’ Trailer Just Sounded the “Bittersweet Symphony” Alarm for High Drama

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Not since Annette Hargrove took down Kathryn Mertuil and drove off in Sebastian Valmont’s Jaguar at the end of 1999’s Cruel Intentions has The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” been so iconic, but with the release of The Crown‘s Season 5 trailer, it’s back, baby.

The trailer reminds us that Season 5 is going to depict some of the Royal Family’s most notable moments in recent history as Charles and Diana go to war in the tabloids.

Kicking off with the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle, the new cover of “Bittersweet Symphony” builds the tension as Netflix gives us a taste of everything we’re in for this season, from the Revenge Dress to the BBC interview, and everything in between.

Here’s everything we know so far about The Crown Season 5, and when and where you can watch it in Australia.

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Who Is Starring in The Crown Season 5?

Given the decades-long scope of the royal family, every second season of The Crown comes with a whole new cast, and Season 5 is set to shake things up once again.

In Season 5, Imelda Staunton will take over as Queen Elizabeth II, replacing Olivia Coleman’s run in Seasons 3 and 4. Claire Foy played young Queen Elizabeth in the first two seasons of the show.

Jonathan Pryce will now be playing The Duke of Edinburgh, Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret, Dominic West will play Prince Charles, Olivia Williams will play Camilla Parker Bowles, and Australia’s Elizabeth Debicki will replace Emma Corrin as Princess Diana.

Also starring in the upcoming season are:

  • Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major
  • Claudia harrison as Princess Anne
  • Marcia Warren as the Queen Mother
  • James Murray as Prince Andrew
  • Sam Woolf as Prince Edward
  • Timothée Sambor and Senan West as Prince William
  • Teddy Hawley and Will Powell as Prince Harry
  • Prasanna Puwanarajah as Martin Bashir
  • Salim Daw as Mohamed Al Fayed
  • Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed

What Will The Crown Season 5 Cover?

The Crown Season 5 will take us into the ’90s, which means we’re in for a lot of mess as the then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana went to war in the tabloids.

While Season 5 will not depict the late Princess Diana’s 1997 death, it will show the lead-up to her final days.

Per Netflix’s official logline, Season 5 will depict the Royal Family as they are “presented with possibly their biggest challenge to date; as the public openly question their role in ’90s Britain”.

They continue:

“As Queen Elizabeth II (Staunton) approaches the 40th anniversary of her accession, she reflects on a reign that has encompassed nine prime ministers, the advent of mass television and the twilight of the British Empire. Yet new challenges are on the horizon. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the transfer of sovereignty in Hong Kong signals a seismic shift in the international order presenting both obstacles and opportunities. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing closer to home.

“Prince Charles (West) pressures his mother to allow him to divorce Diana (Debicki), presenting a constitutional crisis of the monarchy. Rumours circulate as husband and wife are seen to live increasingly separate lives and, as media scrutiny intensifies, Diana decides to take control of her own narrative, breaking with family protocol to publish a book that undermines public support for Charles and exposes the cracks in the House of Windsor.

“Tensions are set to rise further, as Mohamed Al Fayed (Daw) arrives on the scene. Driven by his desire for acceptance of the highest order, he harnesses his self-made wealth and power to try and earn him and his son Dodi (Abdalla) a seat at the royal table.”

Is There a Trailer for The Crown Season 5?

There is! Check out the below:

The Crown Season 5 Trailer Song

The Crown‘s Season 5 trailer features a newly recorded cover of The Verve’s 1997 smash hit, “Bittersweet Symphony”. While the artist is credited simply as ‘The Crown’, it is available to stream now on Spotify:

When Will The Crown Season 5 Be Released?

The Crown Season 5 will be available to stream in Australia from November 9, 2022.

What Time Will The Crown Season 5 Be Released in Australia?

The Crown Season 5 will drop on Netflix at the following times in Australia.

ACT: 6pm

New South Wales: 6pm

Northern Territory: 5.30pm

Queensland: 5pm

South Australia: 5.30pm

Tasmania: 6pm

Victoria: 6pm

Western Australia: 4pm

Where Can I Watch The Crown Season 5 in Australia?

The Crown Season 5 will be streaming on Netflix from November 9, 2022. The first four seasons of The Crown are available to stream on Netflix now.

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