From Erik Thomson to Kate Ritchie: Meet The Claremont Murders Cast

In 2023, Channel 7 created a two-part series called The Claremont Murders. Part one was released on April 10, and part two was released on April 17. 

The Claremont Murders is all about a real-life serial killer, Bradley Robert Edwards. In 1996 and 1997, this man terrorised the suburb of Claremont. He did this by killing two women, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. 

Now, unfortunately, Edwards’ crime went unsolved for 25 years. He was only caught in 2016. This happened when the police and a journalist collaborated to solve his crimes.

In 2020, Edwards was sentenced to life in prison. The Claremont Murders follows Edwards’ journey, from notorious serial killer to a man behind bars.

But in this series, who’s playing Bradley Robert Edwards? What’s more, who are the other cast members of The Claremont Murders? Let’s answer these questions right now.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is playing the serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards. Johnson has also been in Rake, Doctor Doctor, and Home and Away.

Tasma Walton

Tasma Walton plays a forensic pathologist named Karin Margolius. Walton has also been in City Homicide, Cleverman, Mystery Road, and How to Please a Woman

Laura Gordon

Laura Gordon plays a Perth detective named Bobbi McAllister. Gordon has also been in Twentysomething, Miss Fishers’ Murder Mysteries, and Hoges.

Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson plays Don Spiers, a distressed man with a missing daughter. Thomson has also been in 800 Words, Blueback, and Packed to the Rafters.

Kate Ritchie 

Kate Ritchie plays Carol Spiers, the mother of said missing woman. Ritchie known best for her work in Home and Away.

Catherine Van-Davies

Catherine Van-Davies plays Alison Fan, a Channel 7 reporter who covered Edwards’ killing spree. Van-Davies has also been in Barons, It’s Fine, I’m Fine, and Hungry Ghosts.

Aaron Glenane

Aaron Glenane plays a detective named Gavin Wyatt. Glenane has also been in Snowpiercer, Puberty Blues, Soul Mates, and Home and Away.

Hannah Penman

Hannah Penman plays Sarah Spiers. Tragically, this woman went missing in the 1990s. What’s more, Edwards was charged with killing her, but there wasn’t enough evidence for a conviction.

Being a cast member in The Claremont Murders is Penman’s first major role.

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