Thank God You’re Here! Only YOU Can Learn These ‘TGYH’ Details!

“Thank God you’re here! Darren has been bitten by a snake, and you’re the only doctor that can save him. By the way, I’m also pregnant with your triplets!”

Between 2006 and 2009, such absurdity was a staple of Australian television. This is all thanks to the Network Ten comedy series, Thank God You’re Here.

In this programme, a series of comedians are tasked with walking through a blue door into unknown situations. They are then greeted by the line, “Thank God you’re here!” What follows is hilarious chaos. These comedians have to work what situation they’re now in and improvise their way through it. 

These situations could be anything from an adventure on Mars to a Colosseum battle in Ancient Rome. 

Tragically, such shenanigans have been off the air for a hot minute now. But as of 2023, they are back on the menu. Here are the Thank God You’re Here details you need to know.

Who Hosts Thank God You’re Here?

Thank God You’re Here will be hosted by the incredibly funny Celia Pacquola. She’s best known for her stand-up comedy, writing, and performance skills.

Who Are the Comedians?

While Thank God You’re Here hasn’t announced its stars yet, we’d be surprised if some of Australia’s best comedians didn’t grace this programme. Think Tom Gleeson, Becky Lucas, and Kitty Flanagan.

Is There a Trailer?

When Does It Start?

Network Ten’s Thank God You’re Here start date is at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 2 August.

Where to Watch Thank God You’re Here in 2023

Thank God You’re Here airs only on Network Ten and 10 Play. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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