What You See in This Optical Illusion May Indicate How Happy You Are

Optical illusion

We all want more happiness, but how can we tell how happy we are at the present minute? Turns out there may now be a way — an optical illusion shared on TikTok claims to be able to tell you.

In the clip shared by @brightside.official, a voiceover explains that some people see an apple core in the illusion while others see the profiles of two people.

“If it’s an apple to you, you take things for what they are and are pretty happy with what you have in life,” it says.

“You know that you can always rely on your close people, and they’ll support you no matter what. You’re always in a good mood and you pass it on to others.”

At the same time, if you saw the two people’s profiles first, the voice-over hints that you may not be as content in life right now, adding “relationships are your priority”.

“You might be going through a time of uncertainty with someone special to you,” it says. “Remember, the best you can do is discuss it together and not hold it all in your heart. Things will surely get better.”

@brightside.official What did you see first here?!🤔😏👇#riddles #findoddoneout #whatdoyousee #whatdoyouseefirst ♬ original sound – BRIGHT SIDE

Like with any optical illusions, it might take you a while to even see the other version and then doubt that anyone could’ve not seen what you saw first. So, while I saw the apple and shocked someone couldn’t see it — what with its stem and everything — some in the comments did say they’d seen the profiles. Interestingly, others said they saw both. Most, however, said it was the apple that had first caught their attention.

The illusion is a take on the famous Rubin’s Vase illusion, created in 1916 by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. In the original, the centre image is a vase rather than an apple core, while there are two identical profiles facing each other on each side.

Optical illusion vase

Again, I still don’t see the profiles initially — I see the vase. If that in any way means I am a happy person, I am 100% claiming it.

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