5 Reasons Basic Terracotta Pots Are Superior For Keeping Your Plants Alive

Instead of steering you towards expensive items that claim to be more sustainable and keep your plant babies alive, we’re inclined to celebrate the humble terracotta pot. In fact, there are a few reasons it’s a great option for people who are trying to keep their precious plants alive (with minimal effort). 

Everyone wants (or tries) to be a plant parent but if you’re anything like us, you’re not always successful. In this article, we’re focusing on the cradles for your plant babies because the pot you grow your plants in could just be the single most important factor to take into consideration. 

There are many types of pots to buy; some are beautiful and fancy or made from plastic, wood, clay or porcelain. However, we want to go back to the humble and blessedly affordable terracotta pot that dates back to the 26,000-24,000 BCE. The name, which has Latin origins, means ‘baked earth’, which reflects the material and method of the pot’s creation. 

While we were digging around on TikTok, we came across a few videos that sing the praises of the terracotta pot and here were some of our favourites.

Terracotta Pots Are Eco-friendly 

Unlike pots made from plastic derivatives, terracotta pots come from the earth and are less harmful to the soil and the plant itself. Although it is very common to use plastic or porcelain pots for potted plants, terracotta pots are a better choice because they’re porous and allow air and water to flow through them. This helps prevent root rot or soil disease which could kill your plant. 

Terracotta Pots Are Affordable 

Taking care of house plants (and investing in them in the first place) can get really expensive. However, you can save a lot of money by buying terracotta pots for as low as $2 from any plant or hardware store. It is also possible to buy terracotta pots in bulk for lower prices that could be used as your plants grow in size. 

Terracotta Pots Self-Regulate Water 

Inexperienced in the plant department? The terracotta pot will save you the headache of knowing how much is too much water to nurse the plant. Terracotta pots are typically made from baked clay, which gives it the ability to absorb excess water and keep your plant healthy and well-drained. In short: you can’t drown your plants so easily with a terracotta pot.

Terracotta Pots Age Well 

Terracotta pots, if kept and maintained well, should be able to last approximately three years. However, on average, most terracotta pots last a lot longer than that. In fact, as a terracotta pot ages, it also changes in appearance slightly to give it more character and if you end up having moss grow on the outside, it just adds to the terrarium vibe.

Terracotta Pots Are Easy to DIY

Bored of the reddish-brown colour? Use markers and paint to decorate the pot (or get your kids to go nuts on them!). The base material of the pot makes for an excellent canvas for art as well as for gardening.

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