This Hack Can Save You $185 on Your Family Phone Bill

Young girl playing with her dads in the lounge room.

Mobile bundles can be a great way for families to save money on their monthly expenses. Instead of everyone paying for their own plan, they can split the cost of a bundle and share the inclusions. It’s also a great option when kids get their first phone, as it’s cheaper for parents and gives them some oversight into how the data’s being used.

Telstra has launched a range of new bundles that let you have up to six people on a single plan. The Mobile Bundle plan costs $47 and offers 15GB with unlimited standard national calls and texts. The much cheaper Data Bundle plan costs $10 for 10GB, but doesn’t include calls or texts.

To bundle your family’s phone plans on the same account, at least one person needs a Telstra Upfront Essential or Upfront Premium plan. You’ll then pay the cost of the bundle on top and get the inclusions added to your plan.

That means if you have the $68 Essential Upfront plan and add the $10 Data Bundle plan, you’ll pay $78 each month for 190GB. Alternatively, if you need calls and text on the second phone as well, you’ll pay $115 for 195GB of shared data.

Considering two individual Essential Upfront plans would cost $136, both of Telstra’s new bundle plans work out to be much cheaper.

The more people you add, the bigger the savings get. It would cost a family of six $340 to all be on the Essential Upfront plan, but one Essential Upfront plan with five Mobile Bundle plans works out to be just $303 — with 255GB shared between them.

The maths checks out for the $89 Premium Upfront plan, too. This plus five Mobile Bundle plans would cost $324 for a total of 375GB, or $139 for a total of 350GB with five Data Bundle plans.

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on expenses but don’t want to give up Telstra’s premium service or coverage, one of the new Telstra Bundle plans might be the best option for you and your family.

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