7 Burning Questions We Need Answered in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3

ted lasso season 3

Ted Lasso is finally back on our screens! After a long break between seasons, the first episode of the much-anticipated third season of Ted Lasso premiered on Wednesday, March 15. 

The first ep delivered on the positivity, kindness, and comfort TV we’ve come to know and love about Ted Lasso, as well as set up a number of storylines for the season, most notably the rivalry between Ted and Nate. But as the third season is likely to be the last of Ted Lasso (yes, sorry to break it to you), we’ve got a lot of questions we’re going to need answered before we say farewell to these characters forever. 

Warning: there are spoilers for the Season 3 premiere below. Missed it? Go read our recap first and then join us back here. 

Will Ted leave England and Return to America? 

The third season begins and ends with Ted questioning what he’s still doing in London. After seeing his son Henry off at the airport after six weeks together, he tells his therapist Dr Sharon, “I know why I came, but it’s the sticking around I can’t quite figure out,” and wonders, “Maybe my being here is doing more hurting than helping at this point, ya know?” 

Later in the ep when he’s walking home with Coach Beard, Ted asks him: “You ever wonder why we’re here?” before adding “I know it’s nuts we came here in the first place, but at this point, I can’t tell if it’s more crazy or less crazy that we’re still here.” 

It’s clear Ted misses his son Henry and wants to be with him, so will the series’ finales see Ted heading back to America after achieving all he can with Richmond in England? We can only wait and see. 

Who Will Keeley End Up With?

The Season 3 premiere saw Roy and Keeley telling Roy’s niece Phoebe that they had broken up. Why? Well, they couldn’t give Phoebe a good reason besides that they’re both “too busy”. 

After Jamie confessed to Keeley he was still in love with her at the end of Season 2, will we see Keeley and Jamie rekindle their relationship this season? Although it doesn’t seem over yet between Roy and Keeley, especially after all the struggles they’ve faced and overcome together in the past two seasons.

Maybe Keeley will end up happily single. After all, she’s now a PR boss, running her own PR company.

Will Nate Be Redeemed? 

He’s gone from loveable underdog to fully-fledged villain in Season 3. 

Will the rest of the season see a complete slide to the dark side or will Nate realise the errors of his ways and see the light? We’re all for a redemption arc but it’s going to take a lot to win back our trust, Nate.

Will Richmond Finally Win a Championship? 

Richmond has never won a championship and with absolutely everyone predicting the team to come dead last this season, it’s going to take a hell of a lot for the Greyhounds to go from bottom all the way to the top. But if anyone can do it, it’s Ted Lasso. Dare we hope for a fairytale ending? 

Will There Be a Richmond v West Ham Showdown?

The Season 3 premiere set up a new rivalry between Richmond and West Ham, which as we know is owned by Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert and coached by Nate Shelley. So yes, there will no doubt be a showdown between the two clubs — and Ted and Nate — that will bring plenty of drama and ratchet up the stakes both on and off the field. We’re predicting it will all come to a head in a nail-biting finale. 

Will Rebecca and Sam Get Back Together? 

Rebecca and Sam’s relationship was the unexpected love story we didn’t know we needed in Ted Lasso’s second season. After meeting on dating app Bantr, the pair began a secret relationship. It brought out Rebecca’s softer, more vulnerable side, but when her father passes away, she ends the relationship with Sam. 

In the first ep of Season 3, Rebecca is solely fixated on beating her former husband Rupert with seemingly no time or energy for romance. But we’re hopeful it’s not the end of the pairing. Plus, Sam now owns a high-end restaurant. Surely that’s the perfect date spot. 

Where to Next for Trent Crimm? 

It’s a travesty that there was no mention of Trent Crimm in the Season 3 premiere, although we meet his replacement at The Independent at a press conference. But really, no one can replace Trent Crimm of The Independent in our hearts. 

At the end of Season 2, Trent lost his job after revealing the anonymous source that tipped him off to Ted’s panic attack (it was Nate if you’ve forgotten). So what will his next career move be? We hope he’ll end up at AFC Richmond in some capacity. At least let us know what he is up to. 

The next episode of Ted Lasso airs on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, March 22, with new episodes dropping weekly. 

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