AI Reporters and Other (Less Dystopian) Tech Predictions For 2023

Tech trend predictions 2023

With the New Year just around the corner, trend predictions of all kinds are taking over the Internet. They range from interior design trends, to career and beauty trends. The latest, though? Predictions by the US editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff of website TechRadar, on what’s to come in the tech space.

“These are nine predictions that range from near certainty to almost fanciful,” he writes. “It’s also just a glimpse. Use this set of predictions as a spark for your own prognostications.”

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So, what did Ulanoff say will happen in the tech world next year? Ahead are five of his most interesting predictions.

AI Reporters

Ulanoff sees big things next year for AI. He believes someone will hire the first AI reporter to go looking for stories, and then write up said stories. He even believes next year will see the first play written by an AI, and that a song written, composed and performed by an AI will hit the Billboard Top 100.

Metaverse on Hold

While 2022 might’ve been a year that many got their head around the Metaverse, including NFTs and VR and AR tech, Ulanoff believes next year will see a pause in its advancement.

“But as many pointed out to me, a system that still can’t have virtual objects interact seamlessly with the real world is far from ideal,” he says.

Streaming Bundles Up

With the cost of living rising, consumers will be looking to drop some streaming services. It’s a strong prediction, then, that 2023 may see them bundling up. Ulanoff sees Disney buying Netflix the most likely outcome.

“At the very least, we’ll see more cable and internet companies offer even more packages that include all your favourite streamers, just as they’ve done with cable bundles for decades,” he says.

Goodbye Wires

We know that EU law is requiring Apple to make its iPhone change from Lightning port to USB-C by 2025, but Ulanoff thinks 2023 will see the release of port-free and wireless iPhones. For that wireless future to happen, we need faster wireless charging capabilities, Ulanoff says.

Rationalisation of the Smart Home

Matter will matter in 2023 – though you may not actually understand or care about it, says Ulanoff.

If you’re not familiar with Matter, in layman’s terms, it allows for seamless smart home integration, so products from smart home products from the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google can all talk to each other.

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