It’s Official: A24 Confirms ‘Talk 2 Me’ Is in the Works

Talk 2 Me details — Plot, Cast, Release Date

A24 has confirmed that it will be re-teaming with Aussie directors Danny and Michael Philippou, for the sequel to the hit horror film Talk to Me. The title? Talk 2 Me, obviously.

Talk to Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival back in January 2023, where it was quickly picked up by A24 for distribution. After amassing 6.74 million subscribers on their YouTube channel TheRackaRacka, Talk to Me marks the Philippou twins’ debut feature film.

Talk to Me follows a group of friends who discover they can call spirits into their body via an embalmed hand — a thrill they quickly become hooked on. Among the group is Mia (Sophie Wilde), who wants nothing more than to be distracted from the anniversary of her mother’s death. It is, of course, a recipe for disaster. Soon enough, Mia ignores the rules, and opens the door to disturbing supernatural visions that leave her unable to know who to trust; the dead or the living.

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A24 and Danny and Michael Philippou Announce Talk 2 Me

Speaking to The Latch in July, Danny said that he, along with twin brother and co-director Michael, would “love the opportunity to do a sequel”.

He continued: “and we really wanna do an action film!”

“We’ve got another horror film that we’ve written called Bring Her Back, but we literally have ADHD and can never focus on one thing at a time, so like, I dunno!” Danny added.

As the brothers laughed, Michael added that they had “about 13 things” in the works.

“We’ll see which one catches fire!” he said.

Now, it seems that Talk 2 Me will be the one to catch fire, as A24 posted a tweet confirming the sequel.

Over on Instagram, the brothers wrote: “TALK 2 ME CONFIRMED! We’re ready for round 2! Thankyou (sic) @a24 🕯️🫱👻 #t2me”

While we wait for Talk 2 Me to hit cinemas, though, the brothers are happy to bask in the success of Talk to Me, which has become one of A24’s most successful horror films. Globally, the film has made USD$26.3 million in just 11 days, and has already surpassed 2022’s Bodies Bodies Bodies, which pulled in USD$13.9 million.

“I just want people to want to see it again!” Danny told The Latch. “I’d love for it to be a film that people want to watch again —”

Michael interjected: “To be like ‘oh, that was a wild ride! I’ve gotta tell my friends about this, let’s go!’ Something that has rewatchability.”

“And something that connects to people in some way, whether it’s emotionally or tapping into a fear that they have, or seeing their world onscreen, I just hope they connect with it in some way,” Danny finished.

What Will Talk 2 Me Be About?

In an interview with Deadline, Danny Philippou said that while writing the script for Talk to Me, he was also writing “scenes for a sequel”.

While he didn’t give too much away, he said that they were “scenes of different people experiencing the hands, continuing on these characters’ story”.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he also hinted at Easter eggs for the sequel that are hiding in Talk to Me.

“We had stuff that we planted that in the first film [and] would love the opportunity to do a sequel,” he said at the time. “It would be so exciting. The idea of having my own horror franchise — how awesome.”

Talk to Me is in HOYTS cinemas now. Buy tickets here.

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