5 Sydney Supper Clubs to Meet New Friends and Feast

Pasta Club Sydney

All around the world, COVID lockdowns sparked a new appreciation for home entertaining, one that we’re still riding feeling today. Along with that trend has come supper clubs.

These are dining experiences that are more formal than a dinner party but more relaxed than a meal at a restaurant. Supper clubs are where you can meet new people, like at a dinner party, and you can expect to be served tasty food and not have to worry about a host having to clean up, like at a restaurant.

“Supper clubs are meant for people who aren’t in a hurry, and want to make an evening out of their outing,” puts one website. Many supper clubs are ticketed, with the venue only revealed on the day of the event. They’re also designed so that you can easily meet other guests, with table seating that breaks up groups or activities.

If you’re in Sydney and looking for a supper club to join, ahead we’ve rounded up some of what we think to be the most fun-sounding.

Pasta Club

Pasta Club was born in the courtyard of a Melbourne café in 2019. The rules at this Sydney and Melbourne “sensory experience” include bringing an open mind, not having your phone at the table and trying everything once. The standard event goes for three hours, during which shares plates of Mediterranean dishes will continually be brought out. You can stay seated or dance to a DJ’s tunes.

Pasta Club Sydney
Image: Pasta Club

Heartbake Bites

Heartbake Bites is a supper club series held on founder and self-taught cook Charlotte Ree’s rooftop in Sydney’s Potts Point. The supper club is in high demand with a 2,500-person strong waiting list.

Dates for the supper clubs are announced on the first of every month. Also, couples aren’t allowed and, for now, it’s women only. Everyone comes as an individual, so no pairs or groups, and emotional sharing is encouraged.

Club Sup  

Club Sup has supper club events in Sydney’s Darlinghurst and Melbourne’s Abbotsford. If you’re keen to attend, you must first register your interest and then all guests are randomly selected and contacted with confirmation details.

Guests then have 24 hours to confirm their spot. Crayons are scattered across its paper-sheeted tables under questions like “What are you grateful for?”, which help to encourage conversation.

Club Sup supper club
Image: Club Sup

Secret Foodies

For over 10 years, Secret Foodies has hosted monthly ticketed events at secret locations across Sydney. The experiences are made for those who appreciate great food, meeting new people and discovering new places. You’re welcome to bring a friend or come on your own and make new friends. Once you’ve bought a ticket, you’ll receive the secret location via text on the event day.

Diner en Blanc

Though Diner en Blanc only happens in Sydney once a year, usually around November, but it’s still worth mentioning as it’s easily the biggest supper club on this list. This supper club does require a bit more effort than the others — you’ll need to bring your own table, chair, cutlery and food, and also wear all-white.

You’ll be texted the secret location on the day and will join hundreds to set up your table in the afternoon. In previous years, Diner en Blanc has been held outside the Opera House, on Bondi Beach, and at Cockatoo Island. At every event, at one point, everyone stands on their chairs, holding sparklers and waving their napkins.

Diner En Blanc Sydney
Image: Diner en Blanc

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