Choose Your Next Adventure at Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is far more than Australia’s most iconic landmark. Beneath the sails, there’s an ever-changing roster of world-renowned shows.

Open your mind to new worlds with these eclectic events happening over the remainder of the year, including a no-holds-barred rendition of one of the world’s most famous plays courtesy of the world’s most famous playwright.

In The Heights

In The Heights is the definition of a modern classic. Conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda — maybe you’ve heard of him? — in the late 90s, this salsa-fuelled musical hit Broadway in 2008 and, more recently, was adapted into a movie.

The wickedly talented Ryan Gonzalez and Olivia Vásquez will lead the cast, as In The Heights goes back to its Broadway roots on the Drama Theatre stage. Featuring an entire soundtrack of signature Lin-Manuel Miranda music, follow along as the residents of Washington Heights strive to follow their dreams while facing painfully relatable hurdles.

Date: 20 July – 25 August 
Location: Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Tickets on sale from $59.90


Everyone remembers the first time they heard Julia Gillard’s stirring speech on misogyny; goosebumps, chills, and deep satisfaction all come to mind. Premiering in 2023 to critical acclaim, Julia documents the whirlwind journey of Australia’s first female Prime Minister through a blend of fictitious commentary and re-enactments of real events that culminated in Gillard’s history-making speech.

Reprising the titular role, Justine Clark will step onto the stage once again and make audiences experience those same goosebumps felt back in 2012. But this time around, attendees will be internally screaming the words in unison: ‘Not now, not ever.’ 

Date: 5 September – 12 October
Location: Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Tickets on sale from $50



You’ve never seen Hamlet quite like this. 

Shakespeare’s twisted tale of a prince in the throes of lethal familial chaos has been turned into an opera.

Perch on the edge of your seat as Allan Clayton’s Hamlet and Lorina Gore’s Ophelia sing their lungs out while reviving this devastating tale that continues to age like a fine, blood-red wine. Those who struggled with Shakespeare in high school won’t have any issues paying attention to this captivating and unique spectacle.

Dates: 20 July – 9 August
Location: Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Tickets on sale from $49



After 24 years, UK post-punk outfit THE THE are gearing up to release their next studio album in September. In keeping with their topical approach to music that’s persisted since the 1980s, Ensoulment promises to tell the story of ‘what it’s like to be human in the 21st century’, covering topics THE THE are unquestionably proficient in: politics, war, and mortality.  

To celebrate this milestone release, THE THE are storming the Concert Hall stage in late November to play their seemingly endless catalogue of hits, and it’s safe to assume they may just perform some cuts from Ensoulment, too. Here’s to another quarter century of THE THE being refreshing and earnest underneath all that talent. 

Date: 21 – 22 November
Location: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
Tickets on sale from $99



Experience the best of contemporary storytelling with MĀUI, a vibrant reimagining of the legendary tales of the Pacific demi-god Māui. Fresh Movement Collective from New Zealand brings this ground-breaking display to life, merging traditional and contemporary Pacific dance forms with theatre, spoken word, live music, hip-hop, haka and capoeira.

Enhanced by stunning animated projections, this performance reawakens Māori and Pacifica stories with unmatched creativity. Choreographed by Hadleigh Pouesi and Christopher Ofanoa — and featuring the renowned Freshmans Dance Crew, MĀUI explores Pacific migration, myths, and legends over seven captivating chapters.

Dates: 29 – 31 August
Location: Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House
Tickets on sale from $50.90

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