Pack Heavy, Travel Light With This Eco-Friendly Suitcase Made From Recycled Plastic


While international borders remain firmly shut, there will come a time in the not-too-distant future when holidays are back on, and you’ll be able to enact as much ‘revenge travel‘ as your bank account would allow.

When that time comes, there’s a movement towards prioritising more sustainable travel; that is, travel that takes a more considered approach, whether it’s choosing eco-friendly resorts or opting to adventure in slower ways that emit less carbon.

Taking the movement a step further, and continuing its commitment to becoming the world’s most sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company, Samsonite has revealed the Magnum Eco collection — a new range of suitcases crafted from recycled plastic waste.

Made in Europe, the suitcase collection is the result of several years of research and development. The resulting line is the first of its kind to use post-consumer recycled plastic, giving waste a second life and reducing the use of virgin materials.

The shells of the suitcases are made from recycled polypropylene while the interior of the luggage bags is made from recycled PET bottles. A large suitcase in the Magnum Eco collection would repurpose the plastic waste equivalent of 483 yoghurt cups and 14 plastic bottles, which is amazing when you consider what this waste looks like polluting our waterways and natural environment.

In addition, the cases will come packaged in recyclable cardboard with 80% recycled papers, and will not use styrofoam padding,

In true Samsonite fashion, the eco-friendly range of suitcases are designed to be lightweight and impact-resistant, meaning you can pack a whole lot more and keep your case looking schmick and dent-free, no matter how far and wide you travel.

The Magnum Eco collection is available to shop now in three sizes in both forest green and sleek black. To help more of us get started on the eco-friendly travel journey, Samsonite has launched the range with 30% off. Head over here to buy yours now.

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