This Aussie Furniture Brand Will Save You Big Time With Its Classic, Yet Durable Designs

King Living

Australian businesses and households throw away more than 20 million tonnes of furniture waste annually, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It’s time to shop for better quality furniture.

This is what King Living sets out to do. Since 1977, the brand has been providing furniture that’s made to last. Its pieces for the living room, dining room, bedroom, home office and outdoors are both durable and boast timeless designs.

King Living is one of the companies participating in the Green Friday sales event, which suggests you shop mindfully, for yourself and for the planet. From Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21, Australia’s first sustainability-focused online sale event will showcase deals from brands within the sustainable, re-commerce or circular economy space, like King Living. So what are some of the sustainability practices the company adopts?


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Use of Ethical and Sustainable Materials

Well, many of their products use leather sourced from countries including Australia and New Zealand, and countries in Europe, that have strict animal welfare regulations. Animals are well cared for during their life and slaughtered humanely.

In Europe, the brand sources leather from two tanneries renowned for their craftsmanship and the benchmark set for sustainability in their industry. Since 2003, Italian tanneries, including the one King Living partners with, have managed to reduce their water use by 19%, energy use by 30% and consumption of chemicals by 10%.

For those looking to opt out of using animal products, though, King Living also offers Suede Futuro, a soft, animal-free suede crafted from woven microfibre that’s made using sophisticated Italian textile technology. The brand also taps into clever tech for some of its rugs, too. Its Avalon Rug is handwoven entirely of yarn from recycled plastic bottles.


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Designs That Can Easily Change With Taste

One of the hallmarks of King Living’s products is their adaptability. Customers can remove and change covers selected from a wide variety of premium fabrics or European leathers. This means you can easily change the entire look of a piece of furniture without having to buy a new piece and, as an added bonus, not adding your used furniture to landfill.

These removable covers also make for easy cleaning and maintenance that King Living’s Care Team provides when required.

Care Team Dedicated to Furniture Longevity

This bring us to King Living’s final sustainability initiative: they have a dedicated care team that helps customers care for, maintain and refurbish their furniture. Not only that, but the products the care team uses are also better for the planet, too.

King Living Guard+ is a non-toxic water-based formula approved by Sensitive Choice, while King Living Guard+ is an advanced protective fabric treatment that repels liquids and stains.

Bottom line? Sustainability is weaved into everything King Living does. For the brand, sustainability is more than just the materials they choose and the organisations they partner with. They believe in creating timeless designs with aesthetics their customers will love for years to come and that can easily adapt with their lifestyle changes. We stand with that.

Want to shop more consciously? The Latch has partnered with Green Friday ahead of their four-day sales event, running just before the big shopping dates of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a challenge for consumers and organisations to do better. They only showcase brands that meet their sustainability framework and direct consumers to products they need that cause the least impact on the planet through purchasing. You can read more stories about Green Friday here.

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