Kick Off the New Year With These Sustainability Hacks

Sustainability hacks

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a fresh start. If you’re looking for some inspiration to kick-start your 2023 in the most sustainable way possible, look no further. We’ll be sharing some of our favourite sustainable living hacks that have made a big difference in our lives and taught us valuable lessons about waste reduction.

Reuse and Recycle

Over the past few years it’s become evident that Australia has a waste issue, especially when it comes to recycling. And while there are measures being taken at all levels of government to improve this, we can all do our bit at home as well.

We’ve all got the recycling wheelie bin, but how many of us are using it properly? Understanding the symbols on your rubbish can be hard to understand at times, check out our guide to understanding every recycling symbol.

If you have products you may be able to use again, consider hanging onto them. There are many stores that offer refilling services or why not use old food containers to store food?

Swap to Sustainable Cleaning Products

We all strive to be greener and more environmentally friendly, but sometimes it can feel like you’re trying your hardest without getting anywhere. One area that often gets overlooked is cleaning products. Home-made cleaning products can be just as effective as the ones from the store, and you can scrub up a lot of your home with simple ingredients such as lemon juice and baking soda that you no doubt already have.

Consider also swapping your usual purchases for sustainable options. Companies such as Single Use Ain’t Sexy, Pleasant State, and Zero Co are all making sustainable cleaning products that can be shipped straight to your door.

Reduce Your Food Waste

. Cutting down on food waste is an important way you can be more sustainable in 2023 and beyond.

Here are some tips on how to stop throwing away so much money and resources on food that doesn’t get eaten:

  • Purchase only what’s needed from the grocery store and get rid of any expired items before buying more
  • Have some fruit or veggies nearing their use-by date? Considering freezing them for later use
  • Take stock of the products in your fridge and pantry to ensure you’re not doubling up
  • Meal prep your dinners for the week
  • Consider meal-delivery services that only deliver a specific number of ingredients you need each day

Compost Your Food Waste

Composting your food is a great way to recycle food waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden plus it keeps food scraps out of landfill.

Have a bit of a green thumb? Compost is basically fertiliser and it’s full of the nutrients plants need to thrive.

Bring a Water Bottle With You

Instead of buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle of water when out, why not bring along your own drink bottle when you leave the house?

Bringing your own drink bottle is a great way to stay hydrated on the go, reduce waste and many cafes and restaurants are all too happy to refill when you run out.

Plant a Seedling or Tree

Planting a seedling or tree is one of the easiest ways to make an immediate impact on the environment. Whether you do it in your backyard, your neighbourhood, or even your own city, planting a seedling or tree can help reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

While the above tips are pretty easy to implement, they can make a big difference in the long run. It’s better to have more people trying to be more sustainable and still learning along the way than everyone considering it’s too hard and not trying at all.

Before planting, contact your local council to make sure the particular tree you’re looking at planting is allowed to grow in your neighbourhood.

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