Simon From ‘Survivor’ Gets Honest About What He Really Thinks About ‘King George’ 

Throughout this season of Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains, it has at times felt more like Simon Vs George. These two have gone at it like a pair of wild cats, which has made for fantastic reality tv, imho.

After last night’s showdown between the pair, it was tradie Simon Mee who came up short with George’s alliance proving too strong. But Simon isn’t letting George have the last word just yet, with the booted contestant chatting to The Latch in an interview where he spilled the tea on what he really thinks of his polarising rival.

Chatting with The Latch, Simon went into detail about George’s game and whether or not he thinks his strategy is solid enough to earn him the title of sole survivor.

“If the criteria were solely on best strategic game ever, George wins. But it is a social game at the end of the day, and you have to manage the jury,” he said. 


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Simon then went on to say he doesn’t think George’s previous comments about eliminated contestant Sean Hampson being a “stupid player” will come back to bite him if he is facing the jury at the end of the game.

“George telling you that you are the worst or the stupidest player to ever play this game at all, or saying to Sean, ‘can you get any dumber?’”, he said. “That leaves an impression on people.”

He then went on to say that even though his social game hasn’t been amazing, George has been able to dictate the moves from the jump and not many contestants have had the confidence to stand up against him. So, is George already counting his chickens before they’ve hatched?

“The vibe at camp had this smugness around it in the last 24 hours in the game,” he said of George’s attitude in the past few episodes.

Now that Simon has made his shift to the jury bench, the big question on everyone’s lips is how will he vote should George make it to the final two?

“There’s no doubt about just how well he has played this game,” he said. “I always thought I would have been able to remove all emotion from it (the voting decision) and be ‘whoever’s got the best resume, the best strategic game is the winner in my eyes’, but actually being out there and actually being involved with these people day in day out, it factors in so massively.”

I will really be torn between head and heart going into the final tribal. It’s not that clear-cut. It is very complex and loaded.”

Make sure to tune in to see how the final episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains play out on 10 and 10 Play on Demand.

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