Would You Pay $140,000 for 3 Supreme Oreos? Because Someone Is About To

In news we never anticipated reporting on, it seems some people are willing to spend the equivalent on an upscale home deposit on a three-pack of crimson, Surpreme-branded Oreos.

The limited-edition cookies officially hit the market on February 20 with a retail price of US $8 (around AU $12), but after being snapped up in stores by savvy collectors, have now reached eBay at an inflated 1,152,400% with a price tag of US $92,200 at the current bid.

While this appears to be the most expensive of all listings with 111 current bids, another listing has the Oreos at a cheaper yet still ridiculous price of US $21,700, while the lowest price we’re able to find so far is US $32 (still 300% more expensive than the RRP).

The shelf life of Oreos is 180 days, which begs the question: What will buyers do with their $140,000 cookies?

The red Supreme Oreos with ‘double stuf’ creme filling are among a collection of rare items the label dropped as part of its Spring/Summer accessories line, which also included Supreme-branded Ziploc bags, a Supreme x Speedo swimming cap, Supreme x Fujifilm polaroid film, Supreme x Leica binoculars, and a BMX dirt bike.

Of all limited-edition collaborations with global streetwear brands, none garner a larger crowd or bring about quite as much attention from hype buyers as Supreme. At any given time, stores around the world will attract a line of buyers willing to give up their time and money to simply shop the coveted collections, while the collaborations will easily draw a number of overnight campers desperate to get their hands on anything that comes from the NYC-based brand.

Back in 2017, the Supreme x Louis Vuitton luggage release brought hundreds of buyers and their fat stacks to Bondi Beach, while a Supreme-branded brick (yes, like an actual concrete brick), drove buyers to fork out up to $1,000 in 2016.

Seems the Midas touch is real for this brand.

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