How to Show Up in the Long-Term for Those Brands You Just Followed


You may have added a few new faces and brands to the list of accounts you follow on Instagram lately, and while hitting the ‘follow’ button certainly goes a long way to help hear and amplify the voices of Black creators, activists and business owners, there is more work to be done beyond this.

In a recent Instagram post, the collective of ambitious women at GirlBoss pointed out the importance of stepping up to show long-term support beyond the follow. We think their sentiment is so important that it’s worth sharing far and wide.

“All week, our social feeds have lifted up amazing Black creators, activists, small business founders, and leaders. But the work doesn’t stop there. If you’re wondering how to best show your support beyond a double-tap as a new follower of any of these women and their communities, swipe for a handy checklist on exactly how to show up for the long-haul,” the account wrote.

For all the new accounts you just followed, here is your checklist to engaging and becoming an active part of a brand’s community in the long-term:

Engage with their content:

You’ve got to like, comment and re-share, giving ample credit each time.

Sign up for a brand’s emails:

But also, importantly, read them. When following a new brand, explore the website and seek out the subscribe section to join the EDM database. Sign up, and when that first email hits your inbox, open it, consume the content within, and share with your friends, family or colleagues.

Buy or pre-order products:

Put your money where your mouth is and buy the brand’s products if you have the means. Understand that small business may be overrun with orders right now from supporters doing just that, but don’t let that deter you from making a purchase, too! If an item you want is currently out of stock, leave your email on the page to be notified when it hits the store once more, or keep an eye out over the next few months for the day it’s re-stocked.

Share their products when they arrive:

This is important. You’ve purchased an item from a small Black-owned business (awesome job). Now share a snap of yourself wearing the product and tag the brand who may wish to share it, too.

In their post, the team at GirlBoss also considered business owners who may be on the receiving end of new followers and buyer interest. If this is you, read through their post above for tips and advice to dealing with overwhelming new support.

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