Suncorp Bank and OzHarvest Team Up to Challenge You to Become a Food Saving Champion

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We all want to do better for the planet, and we all know we can. But now, with the cost of living crisis, one might think that saving the planet and your wallet can’t co-exist. But that, folks, is a big myth. In fact, saving money and protecting the planet can go hand-in-hand, and Suncorp Bank and OzHarvest are teaming up to prove it with a new initiative that’ll have you seeing the kitchen in a completely new light.

Suncorp Bank and OzHarvest present the Food Savings Challenge, to arm you with information to help you save money and help the planet while you’re at it, by reducing your food waste at home, and maximising the potential of the food that’s already in your kitchen.

This can help reduce the thousands of dollars worth of food that Australian households waste every year, according to the 2021 National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study.

Now, you won’t be doing the challenge alone. In fact, one of the most recognisable and loved foodies in the country is doing it as well — Khanh Ong! Khanh will be arming you with a series of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your food so you won’t be stuck throwing so much food away.

What are the next steps? Well, if you head to Suncorp Bank’s website, you’ll be able to find a quiz that can help you get an idea of your current food-saving skills. Five questions, and three minutes to see where you land on the food savings scale. From there, you’ll be able to discover the relevant resources you need to improve!

Suncorp Bank also has tips on how to set goals — setting goals is key — as well as tips to help you achieve those goals. For example, you’ll find resources on how best to food prep to minimise waste and on how to store food correctly, which will save you from throwing food out AND unnecessarily having to buy new food.

Reducing food waste is about making small changes that make a big impact,  and Suncorp Bank can deliver tips straight to your inbox. Signing up to receive emails means you’ll also receive a roll of  OzHarvest’s Use It Up Tape, which can help make hitting your food-saving goals so much easier.

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No time like the present to smash your food savings goals — the planet and your bank account will thank you for it.

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