From Deaths to Betrayal: 6 Convincing Theories We Have About ‘Succession’ S4

This article references events in “Succession” season 4, episodes 1-3, and spoilers for previous seasons. Reader discretion is advised.

The fourth and final season of Succession is underway, and after *that* shocking third episode, we’re all giddy to find out how it all ends.

Created by Jesse Armstrong, the hit drama follows Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the patriarch of the Roy family, pitting his four children against each other to see who will succeed him to take over the family’s media empire, Waystar Royco. 

For the past three seasons, we’ve watched the obscenely wealthy but equally miserable and terrible Roy children – Connor (Alan Ruck), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) – scheme, plot, backstab and battle.

Season 3 ended with the Roy siblings finally teaming up to stage a coup against their father only for it all to fail spectacularly when Logan caught wind of the betrayal and sold Waystar Royco to tech bro Luke Matsson. 

Watch the trailer for Succession season 4. 

When Will Succession Season 4 Air in Australia? 

Succession Season 4 airs weekly every Monday, being available to watch on Binge and Foxtel from 11am AEST. The final episode is set to air on 29 May.

Where Can I Watch Succession Season 4 in Australia?

Watch Succession season 4 on BINGE and Foxtel. If you missed the first three seasons or simply want to rewatch (highly recommend), they’re all available to stream now.

The Most Convincing Theories About What Will Happen in Succession Season 4

So what will go down in the final season of Succession? Here are some theories and predictions. 

Logan Roy Isn’t Dead

logan roy tom wambsgans succession

So if you’ve managed to avoid spoilers ever since Succession‘s mammoth third episode of season 4, I’m about to ruin it for you so turn back now.

“Connor’s Wedding” ended up hardly being about the wedding at all, with the siblings getting the call that their father, Logan Roy, had died on a plane to Sweden. It was a moment that blindsided fans, even though Logan’s health issues were spotlighted in the first season all those years ago.

The unceremonious death of the series’ main character has left fans wondering if the media mogul is really dead at all. A lot of the episode is spent in tension as the Roy siblings wait for confirmation that Logan has died, just like us. His body is kept offscreen for almost the entire episode, and we only see a covered body rolled into an ambulance at the end. Could this all be some elaborate ruse? Is Logan Roy really immortal?

In any case, Brian Cox has only fanned the flames of suspicion in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“We don’t actually see Logan die — we know about it, we hear about it; but we don’t actually see it. We don’t even know if the body at the end of the episode is Logan’s body.”

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Tom Wambsgans’ Rise to Power

tom succession hbo

He’s been the object of ridicule and condescension for the entire series, but with his traitorous betrayal of his wife Shiv in the season 3 finale earning him a nod of approval from Logan, season 4 may finally see the rise of Tom Wambsgans. 

In fact, so far he’s held the most powerful position of them all — being the one to tell the Roy children that their father is dead. If there is a ruse around Logan, could Tom be the mastermind?

We’re so ready for Tom to take some real power, bring Cousin Greg along for the ride, and then you know, stuff it all up in disastrous fashion. We can’t wait to see how a powerful Tom unfolds.

Shiv Roy Is Pregnant

shiv roy kendall roy succession

We’re calling it: Logan and Kerry’s potential baby is a misdirect and it’s Shiv who will turn out to be pregnant in season 4. 

Shiv’s fertility was a frequent topic of discussion in season 3 and it’s the pregnancy planning back and forth that seems to have been the tipping point for Tom to betray Shiv.

Also, Shiv drinks water at the Collingwood-Munion wedding reception and in the very final shot of season 3, Shiv grabs her belly. In addition, at Connor’s wedding, she refuses a glass of wine offered to her.

Look, it may be an understandable reaction to the betrayal from the husband she thought she had under her finger OR it’s a baby. 

Conor Becomes President


The Conheads are going to be happy. 

We know eldest son Connor is the black sheep of the Roy family. He’s never, not even once, been a serious contender to inherit the family media empire and when Kendall, Shiv and Roman band together to challenge their father, they conveniently left Connor in the dark. In fact, it took a whole 15 minutes for Kendall, Shiv and Roman to tell Connor about Logan’s passing…and they were at Connor’s wedding.

Surely, this is all leading to Connor emerging from the wings and proving to his father, his siblings, and well, everyone, that he has what it takes to be a leader. 

Kendall Goes to Jail 


Let us not forget that Kendall has yet to face any consequences for killing the waiter in season one besides his personal torment. 

Although the series has foreshadowed a Kendall death and the penultimate episode of season 3 ended with a cliffhanger of whether Kendall survives his attempt to drown himself, we reckon that rather than dying, Kendall will finally have to face the repercussions of his crime in a very public way. Alas, that may be worse in his eyes. 

The Tell-All Logan Roy Biography Causes Havoc 

We haven’t seen or heard anything more about Michelle Pantsil, the journalist working on a tell-all biography about Logan Roy. Remember how she has a mole in the Roy empire – yes, the mole Logan tries to lure out with ‘boar on the floor’ (IYKYK). 

Will Logan’s dirty, dirty secrets finally be exposed? Only time will tell. 

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