9 Burning Questions About ‘Succession’ Season 4, Episode 4, Answered

L - R, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin in Succession Season 4, Episode 4, "Honeymoon States"

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Succession Season 4.

Season 4 of HBO’s Succession is in full swing, and if you’ve been keeping up with the Roys, you’ll already know that this season is truly unmissable television.

Last week, the award-winning drama dropped a bombshell for the ages, killing off patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the third episode of the season. It was a heartbreaking, emotionally gruelling and technically exquisite hour of television, and one that’s sure to land the cast and crew several Emmy awards come September.

This week’s episode, titled “Honeymoon States”, followed the immediate aftermath of Logan’s death, with the Roy siblings — Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Connor (Alan Ruck) — reckoning with their father’s death while also having to confront a major question: With Logan Roy dead, who will run Waystar Royco?

If you’ve watched the episode, you’ll know that Kendall and Roman are the new leadership duo. The brothers talked Shiv into accepting an “inside” position based on a promise. It’s a leap of faith for Shiv, and needless to say, she’s not thrilled about it.

But with every episode of Succession, there are questions and searches aplenty. Some of them are based on the cast, some based on the plot, but if you have a question, we have your answer.

Below, find our answers to all your burning searches this week.

Pulmonary Embolism

In Episode 4, Logan Roy’s cause of death is said to be a pulmonary embolism. What is that, you ask?

The Mayo Clinic reports that a pulmonary embolism is “a blood clot that blocks and stops blood flow to an artery in the lung”.

They also note that “in most cases, the blood clot starts in a deep vein in the leg and travels to the lung”.

This also ties in to Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) remark to Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) in the episode. Tom snarkily tells Greg that the reason Logan died is because he didn’t want to wear his compression socks, because he wanted to appear more attractive to Kerry (Zoe Winters).

Healthline reports that compression socks can help “prevent [deep vein thrombosis] DVT and pulmonary embolism in people on flights of at least four hours”.

Steak Frites

While speaking with Greg, Tom also commented that Logan had been living on a diet of steak frites, which, quite simply, is French for “steak and fries”.

Got a hankering for the dish that Tom credited with killing Logan? Check out Adam Liaw’s recipe on SBS Food.

“Hugo Succession Neck” and “Fisher Stevens Neck”

A lot of people have been searching for more information about Hugo from Succession‘s neck. Hugo, who is played by actor Fisher Stevens, has a notably thin neck.

As a teenager, Stevens successfully battled Hodgkin’s disease (a lymphatic cancer), which has led people to speculate about his current health. However, there are no credible sources to indicate that Stevens is unwell, nor that his previous battle with Hodgkin lymphoma has affected the appearance of his neck.

How Tall Is Nicholas Braun?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Nicholas Braun, aka Cousin Greg, simply towers over the rest of the Succession cast.

That’s probably because he’s 6-foot-7, although at one point, Braun did lie about his height.

“Six-seven is the real number,” Braun told Insider in January 2020. “I used to make it shorter because most people hear 6-foot-7 or even 6-foot-6 and I think are a little spooked by it, like I’m going to be too tall.

“I’m just talking about in auditions or when I’m going for a part,” Braun clarified. “So I used to sort of make it low, 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5. I’m really 6-foot-7 when I stand.”

Is Shiv Roy Pregnant?

In Episode 4, we learned that Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook, is pregnant. Early in the episode, Shiv receives a phone call from her doctor with the news that she is pregnant. Her doctor then tells her that someone will reach out to set up an appointment for Shiv’s 20-week scan, although we don’t know how far along she actually is.

Shiv, who is grieving the loss of her father and in the midst of an acrimonious split from her husband Tom, doesn’t seem thrilled by the news. Watch this space?

Sarah Snook Pregnancy

Like her character Shiv, Australian actress Sarah Snook is also pregnant. Unlike Shiv, Snook is thoroughly excited about her pregnancy.

Snook confirmed the news that she was expecting her first child on the red carpet at the premiere for Succession Season 4.

“It’s exciting!” Snook said in late March, when she was around 32 weeks. “I feel great.”

Who Is Colin on Succession?

As viewers, we don’t know all that much about Colin, but he has been an increasingly important character in Season 4 of Succession.

Colin is (or… was) Logan Roy’s bodyguard, and in the Season 4 premiere, we see Logan and Colin having dinner together.

Logan tells Colin that he’s a “good guy”, and adds, “you’re my pal. You’re my best pal”.

It’s a scene that makes the shot of Colin staring at the plane as they remove Logan’s body just two episodes later that much more gut-wrenching.

In previous seasons, Colin has been Logan’s go-to guy when it comes to cleaning up messes, including Kendall’s act of vehicular manslaughter in Season 1.

Colin is played by actor Scott Nicholson, and aside from a few guest spots on shows like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and MonsterlandSuccession is by far what he is best known for.

Read more from Nicholson about his time on Succession here.

Jeryd Mencken

Jeryd Mencken is played by Justin Kirk, who is best known for playing Andy on Weeds.

We haven’t seen Jeryd Mencken make an appearance in Season 4 of Succession just yet, but his character was mentioned in Episode 4, and his return has been teased in the trailer.


Mencken is a far-right congressman who gained the support of the Roy family as a presidential nominee last season.

Kirk made his debut as Mencken in Season 3, Episode 6, and shared a scene with Roman in which they discuss the Roy family supporting him. Many fans also feel that there was sexual tension between the two characters during the scene, and are eager to see how it plays out.

In Season 4, Episode 1, Connor — who is also running for president — notes that the election is 10 days out, which means Mencken’s return is imminent.

How Many Episodes In Succession Season 4?

There will be 10 episodes of Succession Season 4, which means we’re four down, six to go.

Succession Season 4 is now streaming on Foxtel and BINGE, with new episodes dropping at 11am AEST every Monday.

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