Mamamia! A Tonne of Juicy ‘Strife’ Deets Just Dropped

Strife details

Ah, 2023, what an excellent year for Aussie dramatic comedies. This year has brought us the likes of the much beloved Deadloch, and the eerie, yet hilarious, Bays of FireHowever, 2023 isn’t over yet. Get ready, because there’s another Aussie dramedy set to hit screens — a BINGE series called Strife.

Strife is loosely inspired by Mia Freedman’s memoir, Work, Strife, Balance. Freedman is best known for being co-founder of Mamamia. Therefore, it’s pretty safe to say that this series will unpack both the drama and the buckwild absurdity that take place in the Aussie journalism industry.

Want more Strife details? Well, we’ve got you sorted. Here’s everything we know about this new Aussie dram-com.

Strife’s Plot

Strife tells the story of a modern, imperfect publisher named Evelyn Jones, played by Asher Keddie. The series follows Evelyn’s journey from being a living room blogger to becoming one of the most important figures in women’s media.

According to the trailer, this series will deal with how the media industrial complex impacts women’s body issues, the stress of going viral, and existential dread. 

The Trailer

Strife’s Setting

Strife is set in 2012 Sydney. According to Freedman, setting Strife at this time was super important. 

“Strife is set in 2012 which was a very deliberate decision because it was a significant inflection point in media when digital was emerging and magazines were just starting to die,” Freedman said in a Mamamia article. “We originally considered having it set more recently, but that period was such a disruptive time; the Internet meant that huge companies were no longer the gate-keepers of media.”

Strife’s Cast

As previously noted, Asher Keddie will play the titular role of Evelyn Jones in Strife. Keddie is best known for her work on Offspring, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, and Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.

This series also stars the likes of Matt Day of The Sapphires, Jonathan LaPaglia of Australian Survivor, Tina Bursill of One Night, and Emma Lung of Peaches, amongst others. 

Where Was Strife Filmed?

Strife was filmed in Sydney, the same place that Mia Freedman’s memoir is set.

How Many Episodes of Strife Are There?

Season 1 of this series consists of eight episodes. 

When Will Strife Be Released?

Strife will premiere on December 6. All eight episodes will be dropping at the same time, on the same date. You will be able to stream this series on BINGE.

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