The ‘Stranger Things’ Spin Off Will Be “1000% Different” From the Original Show

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Stranger Things is one of the biggest shows out at the moment, and the show’s creators — Matt and Ross Duffer — have confirmed that Season 5 will be its final season.

What’s the next logical step for a juggernaut series that’s coming to an end? Well, to figure out a way to keep the magic going with a spin off series, of course!

Sometimes it works, like with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Better Call Saul and Fraiser. Other times? Not so much. See: Joey, That ’80s Show.

With Season 4 of Stranger Things being a smash hit success, there’s clearly interest in seeing more from the Stranger Things universe, but will the Duffer brothers be able to pull it off and replicate that same level of success? More importantly, what will the show actually be about? And when can we watch it?

Here’s everything we know so far about the Stranger Things spin off series.

Is the Stranger Things Spin Off Confirmed?

It is! Rumours had been swirling about a spin off for months (maybe even years!), but after the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed that yes, the spin off is happening while on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

What is the Stranger Things Spin Off Called?

No word on that just yet! Stay tunes and we’ll have more information as its released.

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Who Will Star in the Stranger Things Spin Off?

There’s also no word on how many — if any at all — of Stranger Things’ original cast members will be joining the spin off.

Will the Duffer Brothers Be Involved in the Stranger Things Spin Off?

It’s no secret that working on Stranger Things has been a pretty all-consuming task for Matt and Ross Duffer over the years. While they’ve said in the past that they’re very excited about working on the series, in more recent interviews they’ve seemed a little hesitant about going all-in on the spin off series.

“[U]ltimately the hope is to pass the baton to somebody else,” Ross told Collider. “Because by the time we’re done with this, it’s going to have been… God, it’s going to be almost have been 10 years. It’s going to be more or less my entire 30s.

He continued: “So it would be another five-to-10 year commitment on this thing. I don’t think you can go half in. I was telling this to somebody else, there’s not really a great version of us, say, doing a pilot and then abandoning it.”

Matt then explained what the day-to-day routine of working on a show with the scale and scope of Stranger Things is like, saying: “[Y]ou’re in the editing room every day. You’re in colour. You’re in sound. You’re all in or not.”

He added: “What Ross and I really are interested in is, we’ve been developing the story, which we haven’t told anybody yet.”

Noting that he doesn’t “even know if anyone’s going to like it”, Matt said: “We are very excited about it, that’s all I know. But Netflix has been cool, they haven’t been pressuring us very much, honestly, about it. They’re very shockingly patient with me and Ross.”

What Will the Stranger Things Spin Off Be About?

Sadly, the only person who knows what the Stranger Things spin off will be about is Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things. Before you get any ideas, no, that’s not because the show will revolve around him. He actually just guessed what the series was going to be about, so the Duffers confirmed it.

“We do have an idea for a spin off that we’re super excited about … but we haven’t told anyone the idea yet, much less written it,” the Duffers told Variety. “We think everyone — including Netflix — will be surprised when they hear the concept, because it’s very, very different. But somehow Finn Wolfhard — who is one crazy smart kid — correctly guessed what it was going to be about. But aside from Finn, no one else knows!”

What it’s not going to be about, however, is any of the main Stranger Things gang.

On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the Duffers said that they’ve “read these rumours that there’s gonna be an Eleven spin off that there’s gonna be a Steve and Dustin spinoff or that it’s another number,” but that they’re all wrong, because the new show will be “1000% different” from the original series.

“That’s not interesting to… because we’ve done all that,” they said. “We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of that. So it’s very different.”

When Will the Stranger Things Spin Off Be Released?

There’s no release date locked in just yet, but it’s safe to assume that Season 5 of Stranger Things will take priority for the time being, so we’d be surprised to see it anytime before 2024 at this stage. Stay tuned, though, we’ll update this post when we know more.

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