Escape Ignorance: Smash Through These ‘Stranded on Honeymoon Island’ Deets

Honeymoon Island: The perfect place to devour a platter of strawberries from between your new husband’s toes. No? Just us? Well, fortunately then, Channel 7 agrees with you. ‘Cause their new series, Stranded on Honeymoon Island, details a very different yarn than the one that we crave every night.

Stranded on Honeymoon Island kicks off with relationship experts pairing a number of couples. These couples are then stranded on a deserted island in nothing but their wedding attire. They are then forced to survive, fight against the forces of nature, and discover if trauma bonding can lead to true love.

When discussing this series, Channel 7’s Chief Content Officer, Angus Ross, said, “Seven is thrilled to bring this hot new series to Australian audiences.”

“Snowman Productions and Endemol Shine Australia’s track record of success speaks for itself, and now they’re taking the reality dating genre to a whole new addictive level, blending fledgling love with the adventure of a lifetime. We have no doubt viewers will lap up every minute of this bold and exciting new format.”

Want some more details about Stranded on Honeymoon Island? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Who Hosts Stranded on Honeymoon Island?

As it stands, we don’t know who hosts Stranded on Honeymoon Island. But we’ll keep you in the loop when this info drops. 

Who Are the Stranded on Honeymoon Island Contestants?

At this stage, we don’t know who will be a contestant on Stranded on Honeymoon Island. What’s more, we don’t know if this series will do a public casting call or not.

Yup, Stranded on Honeymoon Island is shaping up to be an incredibly mysterious programme.

Stranded on Honeymoon Island’s Trailer

Unfortunately, Stranded on Honeymoon Island’s trailer hasn’t been released yet. But we do have this dramatic new logo:

Stranded on Honeymoon Island’s logo.
Channel 7

Stranded on Honeymoon Island’s Start Date

Stranded on Honeymoon Island’s start date will be sometime in 2024.

Where to Watch Stranded on Honeymoon Island

Once it premieres, Stranded on Honeymoon Island will be available on both Channel 7 and the 7 Plus app.

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