V-Day Plans? Stay in Juliet’s Pad in Fair Verona With Your Romeo


As far as love stories go, it doesn’t get more romantic (or dramatic) than Romeo and Juliet. The Shakesperian dialogue, the forbidden love, the untimely ending we wish had been avoided; it’s a tale we’ve all come to know so well and is referenced consistently in modern-day culture, despite being set in the 1300s.

Now, for the first time ever, one pair of star-crossed lovers will have the chance to spend the ultimate Romeo and Juliet-inspired night and stay inside the famous balcony home of the Capulet daughter in fair Verona, Italy.

Working with an Italian architect, Airbnb has transformed the 13th-century townhouse known as Casa di Giulietta into a luxurious and comfortable apartment for one lucky couple to enjoy a one-night stay over Valentine’s Day.

Source: Airbnb

The experience will begin with a private tour of Verona accompanied by a professional photographer who will capture every beautiful moment.

During the stay, the pair will enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner prepared by two Michelin star chef Giancarlo Perbellini in a glittering dining room filled with crystals, candles and flowers.

And come bedtime, they’ll retreat to Juliet’s Medieval-themed bedroom which features the original bed used in Zeffirelli’s 1960s movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

A personal butler will also be on hand all day and night to tend to guests’ needs.

Source: Airbnb

Until now, the Verona landmark, arguably the most romantic location in the history of literature, has been used as a museum.

“Juliet’s House is the most important museum in the City of Verona, attracting millions of visitors every year. Partnering with Airbnb brings the widely known Shakespearian myth of Romeo and Juliet to life in a way never before offered,” says Federico Sboarina, Mayor of Verona Municipality.

Of course, only one couple will be treated to this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they’ll have to earn their place.

To stay in Juliet’s house, applicants must pen a letter to Juliet in English, sharing their own love story and explaining why they and their partner would be perfect guests in the Capulet’s home.

Click here to enter, but be sure to do so before entries close on February 2.