You Can Have Your Pet’s Face Embroidered Onto a Jumper or Painted Onto A Handbag


We walk them, we buy them toys, we feed them from our plates, and we shower them with love and endless pats, and yet this never feels like enough of a gesture to indicate just how much our pets mean to us.

Now, though, it seems we finally have a way to show our appreciation for our furry friends: by wearing their cute faces on a customised jumper.

Staud, a high-end fashion brand out of the US, has launched personalised pet portrait sweatshirts, that allow you to have your pet’s silhouette embroidered onto a jumper you can wear while cuddling them.

“In times like this, there are certain things that make getting through the day that much easier. One of those things is our pets,” co-founder and creative director of Staud, Sarah Staudinger, explained of the initiative.

The jumpers, made in collaboration with C.Bonz, cost US $195. Of every sweater sold, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Muddy Paws Rescue, a New York City charity that works to save dogs by setting them up in foster care.

The initiative originally began with personalised handbags with hand-painted pet portraits.

Right now, three of the brand’s most well-known bag designs are able to customised with a pet portrait, including the Bisset bag, Shirley bag and Moon bag. The customisation works like so.

You choose your silhouette and purchase your bag, then send a portrait of your pet to the brand’s customer service email address. The picture must be full body, and unobstructed.

Three to four weeks later, your customised bag is completed by an artist and shipped over to you, ready to be worn on walks with your pet. Chic.


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