May the Fourth be With You: How to Celebrate Star Wars Day in Isolation

Star Wars

For fans of George Lucas’s Star Wars, May the fourth has lovingly become an intergalactic celebration of the popular franchise.

COViD-19 means this year’s Star Wars Day is going to look a little different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate.

So, crack a bottle of the finest green milk and let’s get this party started.

Watch the entire Skywalker story on Disney+

As of today, the entire Star Wars Skywalker saga is available on Disney+ so you can binge it all in one place. It’ll take you over 22 hours so probably get cracking immediately.

The streaming service also has a bunch of spinoffs, animations and TV series so there’s enough to keep you busy well past May the 4th.

Research the entire Star Wars canon on FANDOM

Everybody knows Star Wars is a movie franchise, but not all are aware there’s a bunch of other mediums contributing to the Star Wars mythology. With so much content and so little time, FANDOM’s your one-stop shop for anything and everything Star Wars related.

The online encyclopedia has more Star Wars pages than the official Star Wars site so you can literally spend hours educating yourself. Did you know that despite seemingly falling to his death, Darth Maul’s still alive? No, me either.

Once you’ve upgraded your Star Wars IQ to Jedi status, get started on a quiz.

Take a Star Wars Quiz

With over 42 years of content and trivia, Star Wars is one of the best quiz topics imaginable. The multigenerational saga appeals to old and young audiences so there’s an even playing field for all involved.

A quick Google search will uncover some premade quizzes but if you’re feeling creative, make your own using Kahoot. Kahoot’s a free, user-generated, multiple-choice quiz that’s accessible via a web browser or an app so the entire house can play.

Quickest answers win so it’ll bring out everyone’s competitive side but be careful because it might bring out your dark side too.

Create Star Wars Arts and Crafts

If you’re still feeling creative, why not indulge yourself the kids with some Star Wars-themed arts and crafts?

Pinterest has an endless supply of excellent ideas, including my personal favourite, a Darth Vader bookmark. Whip down to Officeworks for the essentials and get stuck into it- it’s that easy! Keep the glue off the carpet because you’ll need more than The Force to remove that.

If you’re feeling a touch less inspired, simply print out some Star Wars images from the internet and get colouring.

Watch Star Wars Honest Trailers:

This absolute gem of a YouTube series takes your favourite movies, picks out every fault and proceeds to hilariously tear them to shreds.

The Star Wars franchise is riddled with plot holes and known for its weird, whacky and wonderful behaviour, making it an incredibly easy target.

There’s one on most Star Wars movies and each trailer goes for about five minutes so it’ll keep you laughing for a solid hour.

Play Star Wars games on your phone

If you’ve never imagined yourself wielding a lightsabre, shooting a blaster or using the force you’ve never really lived. But don’t worry because now you can do it all from your phone.

There’s a ton of Star Wars games available at the app store so you can become the Jedi Master you’ve always wanted to.

Some are free to download, while others require an upfront cost.

Star Wars Mathematics

While the kids are being homeschooled during this May the 4th, what better time to throw in a few Star Wars maths equations?

If there are a million storm troopers on-board the Death Star and Luke Skywalker blow it up, killing everyone, how many Storm Troopers are left? It’s probably worth noting that I don’t have any kids.

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