5 Aussie Hotels That Invoke the Bold Set Design of ‘Squid Game’, Minus All the Murder

squid game set design

We surely don’t need to tell you (again) that Squid Game is the hottest show to come out on Netflix in the last few years and is set to become the streamer’s most popular series ever.

Centred on the story of 456 men and women who are drowning in debt in South Korea, Squid Game is the brutal tale of their attempt to win enough cash (45.6 billion won to be exact) by participating in a series of children’s games — with deadly consequences if they lose.

The series has taken the world by storm and has had the surprising effect of seeing a 7800% increase in the demand for white Vans sneakers, star Ho-yeon Jung’s (who plays pickpocket Kang Sae-byeok) Instagram following exploding from 400,000 to over 14 million and demand for the honeycomb recipe so that people can make their own Dalona cookies.

One of the elements of Squid Game that has drawn plenty of praise from critics and fans is the beautifully saturated palette of primary colours that are used in the production design. From the red and green jumpsuits worn by guards and players, respectively, to the brilliant candy pink and lime green “staircase” room that leads the contestants to each grisly game, the sets do a fantastic job of contradicting the severity of the situation the players are in which, in turn, makes for a more confusing and unsettling viewing experience.

Says art director Chae Kyung-sun in a behind-the-scenes featurette, “We created the places and displays trying to make the viewers think about the hidden intentions of Squid Game with us.”

So profound is the fascination with the design of the series, it has now started to permeate travel trends. Case in point, apartment complex La Muralla Roja in Spain, which was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, has seen increased interest thanks to its eery similarity to the aforementioned candy pink staircase room.

La Muralla Roja

If you don’t have the time, cash or vax status to book a flight to see the Spanish icon, here are five Aussie hotels you can book on booking.com that evoke the same bold design ethos as Squid Game, but with a 100% survival rate.

The Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Mount Gambier, SA 

The Old Mount Gambier Gaol - Mount Gambier, SA

Book it, here.

Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Book it, here. 

Mercure Kakadu Crocodile, Kakadu, Northern Territory

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Notel, Melbourne

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Art Series – The Cullen, Melbourne 

Book it, here. 

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