We Found the Perfect Cocktail Kit to Make Aperitivo Spritzes at Your Next Picnic

I’ve said (well, written) it before here and I’ll say it again, I’m obsessed with picnics. I’d take a picnic over a restaurant lunch or dinner any day. So, naturally, I’ve been to a lot of picnics. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from going to so many, it’s that picnics are all about aesthetics.

Sure, you can plop down a towel, some cheese and crackers on the ground and have a merry ol’ time. But, why not take advantage of the DIY-ness of a picnic and flex your creative muscles by making it look styled? You’ll not only get those feel-good chemicals going from the creativity, but you’ll also just help to make your picnic a much more enjoyable (and photographed) experience.

Image: SOFI

So, with that said, we found one item you can get that’ll provide you with two excellent (photo-ready) picnic props. It’s a cocktail kit, complete with ingredients to make SOFI spritzes, as well as an esky to keep said ingredients chilled before you’re ready to make the spritzes. And it’s an affordable $150 (including shipping).

As for the specifics, the kit comes with a 750ml bottle of full-strength SOFI Aperitivo (which has 9.5 standard drinks and comes in flavours blood orange & bitters and pink grapefruit & lavender), a 750ml of Dal Zotto NV Pucino Prosecco (which has 6.9 standard drinks) and a 705ml of soda water.

It also comes with a stylish white esky with a bamboo lid that doubles (triples) as a cutting board and drinks holder, as well as a picnic bag to carry the esky in. You’ll need to bring your own glassware and, again, taking into account the aesthetic factor, I’d suggest clear (ideally, re-usable plastic) glasses so your orange spritzes can really pop (particularly against the white esky) in the many pics you’ll no doubt be taking.

Image: SOFI

You can get your hands on one of these spritz cocktail kits here. And if you’re keen to hear more of my picnic wisdom, check out the 10 rules I follow when hosting picnics here.

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