Splash Some Colour Across Your Dinner Table With These Splatter Ceramics

Splatter ceramics

Ever since COVID lockdowns when, at points, we were limited to home entertaining, tablescapes have been all over Instagram and TikTok. One style of tableware I’m seeing, again and again, is splatter ceramics, with the painting style on plates, bowls, mugs, vases and candle stick holders.

Called schizzato splatter technique, the paint style originated from the Italian region of Puglia, though it’s long been spotted in Portugal, too. Now, they’ve landed here in Australia. Bed Threads has plates in the style, as does Alex and Trahanas. Etsy Australia has it in mugs and bowls and Ecology taps into the technique for one of its serving bowls.

If you’re getting authentic European-made splatter ceramics, they’re usually handpainted and handcrafted, meaning no two are the same, making them a little more special. And though they’re not oven or microwave-safe, they are fine in the dishwasher, which is handy.

If you’re keen to get in on the splatter ceramic trend, ahead we’re rounding up some of our favourite pieces that you can get here in Australia. From a six-piece set of bowls to an affordable speckled jug, here are our suggestions for how you can jump on board.

Alex and Trahanas Schizzato Ceramic Main Plate, $95

It doesn’t get more authentic than this. This ceramic dinner plate was moulded and then hand-painted by artisans in Puglia, Italy. They’re crafted in a scallop shape and are splattered in a sea foam paint colour.

Splatter ceramics

Bitossi Home Fasano Plate in Green, $49

These ironstone ceramic splatter plates come in blue, pink and green, all with gold trim for a touch of opulence. They’re made by Bitossi Home, a tableware brand based in Tuscany, Italy and started by a family working as ceramicists since 1537.

Splatter plates

Ecology Ink Blue Dapple Footed Serving Bowl, $54.95

The paint design on this serving bowl is a little different to the splatter style, but it’s still worth a mention. It’s hand-painted and made from durable stoneware.

Serving bowl

Home and Abroad Aqua Jug, $45

This aqua-speckled jug was handmade in Italy and features a terracotta base. It’ll add a rustic touch to your dinner table.

Splatter jug

Set Limbe Splatter Bowls, $226.30

Because they’re made to last, splatter ceramics can be on the pricier end when it comes to tableware. This set is good value, giving you six different-sized bowls in the style.

Ceramic bowls

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