6 Times Rachel and Ethan In ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Were Soulmate Goals

Rachel (Zoey Deutch) and Ethan (Kendrick Sampson) in Something From Tiffany's.

Not to be confused with that Tiffany’s-adjacent movie, Prime Video’s Something From Tiffany’s is a Christmas romcom about the stuff all good Christmas romcoms are made of: two strangers who meet by chance and fall in love without even realising it. Rachel (Zoey Deutch) and Ethan (Kendrick Sampson) are dating other people — Rachel is with the unreliable Gary and Ethan is about to propose to Vanessa — but a chance encounter pushes them together, and it just so happens they’re meant to be.

Their love story begins when Ethan and Gary go into Tiffany’s in New York — Ethan to buy an engagement ring for Vanessa and Gary to buy something “reasonable” to surprise Rachel with. On his way out of the store, Gary is hit by a car and Ethan helps get him to the hospital, but during the confusion, their Tiffany’s bags are switched. Sparks fly when Rachel and Ethan meet, and it’s clear they’re meant to be together. (Sorry, Vanessa and Gary!) Here’s every moment they were total relationship goals.

When Ethan declares himself “the biggest consumer of bread in America”

Rachel invites Ethan to visit her restaurant and bakery for a meal so she can thank him for helping Gary. Ignoring the fact that Ethan has obviously never eaten a carb in his life, he’s very excited to hear that Rachel bakes bread for a living. He even finds her story about dressing up as a pastry for Halloween endearing.

Ethan and Rachel have the same “secret spot”

Ethan takes Rachel to his favourite place in New York, a little park under the Brooklyn Bridge. She has to sheepishly admit that she goes there all the time and they share a look that’s like, “Where have you been my whole life?”

They have way more chemistry together than they do with their partners

Rachel looks extremely uncomfortable when she thinks Gary is proposing to her, especially when he doubles down and pretends he meant to give her the ring. Even though she ends up saying yes, she asks him first if he’s sure, which sounds a lot like she’s trying to give him an out.

And I’m sorry but there’s zero chemistry between Ethan and Vanessa. I can only assume they’re together because they’re both so hot and look good together, not because they’re actually in love.

Ethan likes the way the ring looks on Rachel

They meet up again and Ethan sees her wearing the ring. Not wanting to out Gary, he plays along and says, “That looks beautiful on you,” — and yes, he adds the emphasis on you.

They almost kiss as it starts snowing

After spending another day together, Rachel and Ethan come this close to kissing. To be fair, the mood is very romantic. They were just serenaded by an a cappella street band singing one of their favourite songs and the first snowfall of the season has just begun. They only stop because Ethan pulls away — perhaps because he remembers she’s engaged or that he wants to propose to his girlfriend, who can say?

But ultimately, they want what’s best for each other even if it means not being together

Rachel and Ethan are obviously meant to be, but they’re not willing to destroy each other’s relationships for their own happiness. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

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This article was originally published on POPSUGAR Australia.