The Headlines: November Snow to Smash Australia

Rest in peace the weekend: October 29 until October 30. Your existence was brief, beautiful, and fleeting. 

However, as the ashes of procrastinating laundry and brunch blow in the wind, a new age rises. The weekdays are here, and they bring with them a bunch of important new stories. So, without any pomp or ceremony, here are some of Monday’s biggest headlines:

Will It Snow in NSW this November? 

Australia’s onslaught of wild weather isn’t drying up. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly likely that it will snow this Tuesday night in NSW’s Blue Mountains, Oberon, Orange, and Lithgow regions.

As the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) has said, “The Southern Alps could have snow falling at locations above 800 elevations extending north over the Central Tablelands to as far as Barrington Tops.”

The NSW SES has also stated that if you’re in these areas when it snows you should only drive if it’s 100% necessary. They also said that one should drive at a low speed, avoid wheel spin, brake gently, and don’t brake into corners. 

“If you become stranded,” said the NSW SES, “keep your engine running, put your hazard lights on, and call 000 immediately.”

This NSW snow is happening due to the polar vortex weakening. Because this vortex has waned, some super cold air has been freed from Antarctica and has potentially already hit Australia. 

Australian Voters Want a Cap on Electricity Prices

As the cost of living crisis continues to make rent, power bills, and food prices too high, a whack of Australians have expressed that they want the government to do more about this disaster. 

For instance, the research company Resolve Strategic asked 1611 voters if they wanted the Federal Government to put a cap on power prices that companies couldn’t go over. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of this idea, with 37% of the respondents supporting it and 42% strongly supporting it.

Only 17% of the people surveyed had no strong feelings about this proposal or were undecided. Additionally, just 3% opposed it or strongly opposed it.

“Clearly, voters want action on prices. The vast majority agree with price caps on utility prices, and more than half agree with all the remaining ways to tackle energy prices,” said Resolve Strategic’s Director, Jim Reed.

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65 Million Crabs Are Christmas Island Migrating 

On October 29, the annual Christmas Island red crab migration kicked off. It’s believed that 65 million crabs will now crab walk from the joint’s rainforests to the coast. 

This migration happens for breeding purposes. After being impregnated, the female crabs stay under the sand to incubate their eggs. They then disperse these eggs into the ocean. 

Christmas Island’s Native Species Manager, Derek Ball, is very excited about the number of crabs migrating this year. He said that the amount of crabs has “approximately doubled from what they were five or six years ago.”

“That’s probably largely due to the fact that we’ve been able to suppress invasive species like crazy ants, which do kill the crabs.”

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