The Headlines: Snapchat Has Dropped a Free AI Chatbot — But Is It Any Good?

Snapchat’s New AI Chatbot

Breaking news, the kids are still using Snapchat. Yup, this 2011 app has built up a beefy audience and has maintained a level of relevance. What’s more, Snapchat has enough rizz that it was able to launch an AI chatbot in 2023.

This Snapchat chatbot is called My AI. In February, Snapchat+ users could use it. While on April 23, it became free. 

However, before you download this ChatGPT-powered bot, you need to know something. You need to know that My AI can sometimes be a little creep. How? Well, multiple SnapChat users have demonstrated that My AI can know your location. 

@evanpackardfinance This is a bit concenring. The snapchat AI has explaining to do….. #artificialintelligence #snapchat #worldwarthree #concerning #liar #dogsoftiktok #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Evan Packard Finance/Investing

For instance, a TikToker named Evan Packard alleged that My AI knew where he lived. Additionally, Business Insider was able to make My AI recommend the closest pharmacy in their area.

Now, in response to these accusations, Snapchat has stated, “My AI understands a Snapchatter’s age and location, if it has been granted by them. While My AI is far from perfect, our most recent analysis of how it’s performing found that 99.5% of My AI’s responses conform to our community guidelines.”

Zendaya’s Mint Coachella Surprise

Meanwhile, the artist Zendaya has once again broken the internet. She has turned all of her simps and stans into puddles and rivers of feelings. Zendaya performed at Coachella. This was her first performance in over seven years.

Plus, to make this moment more spesh, this performance was a surprise. During Labrinth’s set, Zendaya popped on stage to perform I’m Tired and All of Us with him. Both of these songs are from Euphoria, a series that she stars in.

After the performance, Zendaya took to Instagram to write, “I cannot express my gratitude enough for this magical night. Thank you for my brother, Labrinth, for inviting me and giving me the most beautiful safe space to be on stage again.” 

“And to the crowd tonight… wow. My heart is so full. I can’t thank you enough for the love I received tonight, made all my nerves melt away. I’m so grateful.”

How an Aussie Helped Arsenal

Steph Catley
Image: Getty Images

In 2023, some buckwild football is being played. And to know this, all you have to do is gawk at the Women’s Champions League and its semi-final matches. 

On April 24, Arsenal Women were down two points in their game against Wolfsburg Ladies. It seemed like an open-and-shut case. However, thanks to some fancy footwork from Steph Catley, an Aussie football player, the tides slightly changed. In the second half, she upped Arsenal’s defence. This allowed her two of teammates, Rafaelle Souza and Stina Blackstenius, to score some A+ goals.

In the end, this match was a draw, two — two. Arsenal Women lives to fight another day.

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