A Snackle Box Could Be the Secret to Becoming a Picnic Pro

Snackable box

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Spring in Australia means warmer weather and longer days, and so, more meals are enjoyed outdoors. Easily one of the most popular type of outdoor dining, and, in my opinion, the easiest to organise among friends and family, is a picnic.

Now, one invention is making putting together a picnic that much easier: a snackle box. Like the name sounds, it’s a cross between a fishing tackle box and a snack box. It uses the form of a fishing tackle box, but instead of storing hooks and bait instead, you’re keeping crackers, deli meats and cheeses.

Snackable box
Image: Pinterest Anne Peterson

Not only does it allow you to have all your snacks in one place for easy grazing, but it also means you don’t have to lug a chopping board, plate or other item you might use to serve the food on. Plus, it’s more sustainable too, creating less extra waste.

There are endless snackle box options, ranging from some with just a few compartments, to others with more than 15 sections, so you can pack any fruits, crackers, meats, cheeses and anything else you might want to bring on your picnic.

In July, one Australian mum went viral in a Kmart Facebook group for sharing how she created her own snackle box using a $9 storage caddy, available in the craft section of the retail shop. Her box was similar to a fishing tackle box with various compartments on three different levels that all fold out for easy access.

In the post, the mum shared that she used the craft caddy instead of a fishing tackle box “because the sections are bigger”. She added that she places her food on baking paper with ice bricks under each level to keep everything chilled.

“We put it into our esky as well, though,” she added.

If you too are keen to jump on the trend, just in time for picnic season, ahead I’ve rounded up a few of the cutest snackle boxes I’ve found online.

Charcuterie Safe By SubSafe, $34.99

This tackle box is waterproof and durable, so you can keep your charcuterie safe (and still edible) on any adventure.

Snackle box3 Layer Medicine Box Large, $36.99

This three-layer box is meant to be used as a First-Aid kit or for someone to store their personal medicine, but easily turn it into a snackable box.

Snackle box filled

Big W Jarvis Walker 3 Tray Tackle Box, $20

This fishing tackle box has three expandable trays and a handle at the top so you can easily carry it home after a picnic.

Big W snackable box

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