This Easy Trick Will Help You Master The Perfect Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye

I’m no stranger to Pinterest, and sometimes on a lazy Sunday, I can’t help but get sucked into the spiral of home decor, DIY and beauty hacks that fill up the tiles on my feed. Typically, I’m pretty fuss-free when it comes to doing my makeup, but when I came across one easy hack, I had to give it a go. 

Being quite fair, with light hair and eyes, I’ve always felt that smoky eye was a look I couldn’t pull off, but when I came across an easy way to perfect the look I figured I might as well give it a go.

In addition to being super easy, this smoky eye is also very versatile. You don’t need any fancy brushes to master the look or a huge range of eyeshadow options. You can easily adapt it, based on whatever colours you already like, and try different options to figure out what suits you best. 

As long as you know what a hashtag looks like and have some type of eyeliner or eyeshadow pencil, you’ll also be able to master this easy smokey eye. For someone who never thought that a smokey eye was a look I could pull off, I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

It was easy, adaptable, and flattering. Will I be doing it again? Probably — and I think everyone should give it a try too. If you have five minutes to spare, you have enough time to give it a go. Who knows, it might become your favourite night-out look.

What you need

  • Something to draw with: A smudgeable eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil
  • Something to blend with: A small, stiff eyeshadow brush or beauty blender/ sponge

What to do

Beginning in the outside corner of your eye, draw a line going diagonally inwards up and away from the corner until you reach your crease. This will be the outer edge of your “hashtag”. Next, moving slightly inwards, draw a parallel line stopping again at the crease. Finish off your hashtag with two perpendicular lines evenly spaced out to complete the hashtag. 

Next, you will need to blend the shape out, using a brush, beauty blender or sponge. Start near the centre of your eye and blend outwards, making sure that the original hashtag shape is fully blended. Because of the shape of the hashtag, you will be able to achieve the perfect shading with minimal effort. 

If you need a little visual help, head to Pinterest to take a look at how to draw the hashtag.

Good luck!

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