The Reason Sydneysiders Copped So Many Creepy Smiles From Strangers This Week

smile movie stunt sydney

In news that none of us saw coming on a Tuesday morning; a pack of terrifyingly smiley people spent the day terrorising the good people of Sydney. And two days on, we’ve figured out why. To be clear, their reign of terror was essentially a mob of people being super creepy, standing in place with an unnerving smile that appears to cut straight through to the unsuspecting souls of passersby. But in our books, that’s plenty.

The mob was initially spotted on Sunrise in the wee hours on Tuesday, peering through the iconic glass windows on Martin Place. Apparently, it isn’t sufficient enough to scare people in the CBD and the ominous vibes needed to be beamed across the entire country.

smile movie

After they were done freaking out Koshie and Nat, the devilish mob was spotted cruising Mrs Macquarie’s Chair’s iconic view, scaring shoppers on Pitt Street Mall, hopping trains and hanging around Central Station, and hitting popular mid-week spots like Surry Hills and Hyde Park.

@emmahorn Now I can’t stop smiling… #SmileMovie in cinemas Thursday? @paramountau ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Before anyone gets too spooked, you can thank Paramount Pictures for staging this spectacle in the city, to celebrate the release of their latest horror film, Smile. The film follows Dr. Rose Cotter (played by Sosie Bacon) after she witnesses a traumatic incident involving one of her patients. When she starts noticing smiling onlookers and frightening occurrences (read: jump scares), she’s forced to confront her past to survive the horrifying reality she’s now found herself in. 

Over the weekend, a similar stunt took place at baseball games in the US. Most notably, with one smiling villain sitting directly behind the home base and sufficiently freaking out people in the stands and also at home (Sunrise viewers will be pleased to know they weren’t the only ones). The stunt is unnerving, to say the least, so if that’s any indication of how scary the film will be, then you can count us in.

Smile is exclusively in cinemas as of today, so hop to it!